Thaiger is a new gourmet burger joint joint in town with a twist of Thai. The burger joint has strategically placed itself in the little laneway off of Bourke St where H&M, David Jones, Myer and The Emporium are located for shoppers to stop by and take a break. Using Thai flavours and ingredients as the basis for their inspiration to create a unique twist on the classic American hamburger, Thaiger is fast attracting curious customers wanting to give these exotic burgers a try.

2015-02-19 Thaiger (1)

At Thaiger there are only a limited number of seats, which are mainly placed in front of the store.

2015-02-19 Thaiger (6)Taro string fries $4.00

I was determined to order food I thought was less ordered and eaten at Thaiger and opted to try their taro string fries. The fries were dry and chewy, made possible by how thing the taro fries were cut. Using taro itself gave it a very floury and starchy texture which just didn’t work for me.

2015-02-19 Thaiger (8)Green Thaiger $9.00
Pan fried tofu, enoki mushroom, corn fritter, sesame soy mayo

I was really excited to try their vegetarian burger because I wanted to taste how using enoki would work in a burger. The enoki mushroom and corn fritter worked really well together and would have made the burger taste really nice, if it wasn’t for the boringly plain pan fried slab of tofu stuck in the middle. Personally I reckon the Green Thaiger should have been a tofu-less burger with a really nice thick enoki mushroom and corn fritter or vegie patty of some sort. I didn’t like the sesame soy mayonnaise either, and thought it tasted better with the sweet and sour sauce I ordered on the side, or using sweet chilli sauce instead would have done the trick. The burger was difficult to eat and everything was just falling apart even though by comparison to many other burger’s I’ve had, not that vertically challenged.

2015-02-19 Thaiger (2)

I wouldn’t recommended coming here for their vegetarian burgers, but I would not entirely scratch them off the list as a place to try just yet. Their more popular options seem to garner much more positive reviews such as the signature black soft shell crab burger and pork belly burger.

2015-02-19 Thaiger (5)

Thaiger has a good concept going and an interesting selection of burgers to choose from. Kudos to them for coming up with a really good idea, but I would probably would suggest they constantly review their less popular choices and improve on them if they want to become a really a hot burger spot.

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