The Sunny Cafe has been serving up open bao or bao ‘burgers’ long before Wonderbao created its own bao eating movement in the city. Being well positioned in the central business district a couple of shops around the corner from Springvale Cake and Bread not far from the Springvale train station, the small local Taiwanese cafe’s main attraction comes from their traditional Taiwanese and Hong Kong Style baked treats, home made soy milk and hearty cuisine.

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The cafe is quite small and can seat up to a dozen people at a time. Often or not people order to take away when it gets busy during the lunch hours.

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 Home made soybean milk $2.00

The cooled home made soybean milk was quite refreshing on the hot day that was. Not too sweet, and just cold enough to cool you down.

2015-02-08 The Sunny Cafe (6ab)Taiwain gua bao burger $5.50

Served with a very fatty slice of pork belly mine of which was 95% fat and 5% meat, I ended up leaving the fat to sit on the side of the plate. Not too overly impressed with my choice, the pickled mustard and pork floss worked well in the bao burger and helped saved it a little. The combination of fillings made the bao burger a little dry. This could have easily been rectified with a nice sauce. The pork belly on the other hand was inexcusable.

2015-02-08 The Sunny Cafe (7)Beef wrap $7.50

Fried sticky rice dough resembling spring onion pancake but made into a wrap. Generous amounts of iceberg lettuce balanced out the natural oilyness of the spring onion pancake wrap. The slice of beef was tender and not too tendonous and the hoisin sauce mix married everything together. The volume of space the lettuce takes up makes the wraps look big, but in actuality they make a good satisfying snack to have on the go.

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Having visited this cafe on multiple occasions, with the exclusion of the disappointing Taiwan gua bao burger, the food here is consistently quite good. The mains remind me of the kind of food that  mum cooks at home. Homely and without all the extra frills. The sweet treats are nicely wrapped in conveniently snacked sized portions to take with you on the go and the home made soy bean milk is always worth popping in for.

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