Tommy Ruff Fish bar is rocking it up in Mordialloc along its beachy shores and fishy streets with its hip new fish and chip shop on Main St. Open 7 days a weeks from lunch til dinner with the intention of getting council approval to further extend their opening hours.  Having been already featured in The Age Good Food Guide and local papers the fish and chip is fast becoming a popular spot in the last few months. 2015-02-03 Tommy Ruff Fish Bar (1)

2015-02-03 Tommy Ruff Fish Bar (4)

There are just so many things to love about Tommy Ruff. As soon as I walked past, I found myself draw in the the decor, the cool vibes I was getting from the door and the cool fishing pole lights.

2015-02-03 Tommy Ruff Fish Bar (5)

Even the cheesy little chalkboard jokes made me at least smile…

2015-02-03 Tommy Ruff Fish Bar (7)

And when you get staff from the kitchen smiling at you like that, what’s not to like.

2015-02-03 Tommy Ruff Fish Bar (8)

When you come here, the atmosphere is so laid back and the service so friendly, you can’t help but think to yourself finally…there’s a place to eat in Mordialloc that rivals all those popular foodie joints closer to the city.

2015-02-03 Tommy Ruff Fish Bar (9)

The place is extremely photogenic but looks better in real life. It’s pretty with all the right sea elements to it.

2015-02-03 Tommy Ruff Fish Bar (10)

Ordering from the every changing specials board menu is always a good alternative if you don’t know what to pick from their normal offerings.

2015-02-03 Tommy Ruff Fish Bar (11)The Crab Claw burger $12.90

I must admit I wasn’t expecting he whole crab when I ordered the burger, because usually you only get parts of it. But this soft shell crab burger was good. The coriander gave it a sweet spiciness while the special house sauce tied everything in together quite nicely.

2015-02-03 Tommy Ruff Fish Bar (12)Grilled Atlantic salmon with brown rice and salad $19.90

Just a tad overcooked, the grilled salmon with its sweet chilli sauce makes for a healthy alternative to all the deep fried offerings on the menu. The brown rice was on point and so was the salad. It’s just the kind of balanced meal you would make yourself at home.

2015-02-03 Tommy Ruff Fish Bar (13a)Prawn tacos $18.00

I’ve had my fair share of hits and misses with tacos in general and this prawn tacos served with Mexican salsa and slaw were a bit hit. My friend and I both really enjoyed them.

2015-02-03 Tommy Ruff Fish Bar (14)Home made fish cake $3.50

Like a pototato croquette but made out of fish, the home made fish cake was very different to what I had expected but not in a bad way. The fish cake was nice and crispy without the oiliness.

2015-02-03 Tommy Ruff Fish Bar (15)

Funny how we didn’t happen to order any fish and chips on this day, but I can attest that they are good too, really.

2015-02-03 Tommy Ruff Fish Bar (16a)Teaser burger (vegetarian) $9.00 and calamari $1.20 each

On a side note, Tommy Ruff do a pretty good vegie burger as well. In fact when I first visited the fish and chip shop, it was the only thing I would order. How could I not when it was just that good. And their calamari, well crumbed and crispy to boot without a chewy bite in sight.

I have been here three times already and can’t get enough of the place. Tommy Ruff Fish Bar is fast becoming the place to go in the area for some nice fish and chips and good food in general. You’ve just got to get down here.

Would I come back? If it wasn’t already obvious, I already have.

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