The Grand Trailer Park Taverna was born to deliver Melburnians a great outdoor caravan and trailer park dining experience, indoors. From the guys that brought us those finger licking burgers down at the Dandenong Pavillion, comes an extension to their brand that promises to serve up all your favourite burgers, spiked milkshakes and a decadent variety of waffle desserts. It’s best to get in early as the place fills up quite quickly during dinner time.

2015-03-19 Grand Trailer Park Taverna (1)

Once inside, you may choose to sit anywhere you like.

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To order, just head up to the bar to place your order then take a seat back at your table to wait.

2015-03-19 Grand Trailer Park Taverna (4a,5)Potato mac and cheese croquette $4.00 (left)

For some reason I was expected some macaroni in the potato mac and cheese croquette. To my disappointment there was no macaroni at all and the croquette though fried to crispy perfection, was too cheesy to my liking.¬† It was so cheesy, it could almost pass as a cheese croquette, as I could barely taste any of the potato in it. I’m not kidding. Although this might be the best thing in the world for cheese lovers out there, it’s not for me.

2015-03-19 Grand Trailer Park Taverna (4b)Cynthia Benson $12.50
mushroom pattie, American cheddar cheese, tomato, butter lettuce, special burger sauce and American mustard on light toasted brioche bun

The sweet soft brioche bun encases a mish mash mushroom pattie that was falling apart with each bite I took. The elements of the burger were very similar to the ones you would find at Dandenong Pavillion, but as you eat you may begin to feel that it just isn’t on the same level of delicious goodness.

I am fully aware that the secret burger menu at the Dandenong Pavillion does not have any vegetarian options and yet for a place that did burgers so well that I would end up devouring a whole beef patty burger myself to fall short on a vegie burger, doesn’t quite add up. The burger was nice, but the minced mushroom pattie that couldn’t hold itself together, made all quite sloppy to eat.

2015-03-19 Grand Trailer Park Taverna (6)Atomic $16.50
Aussie beef pattie, American Cheddar cheese, chilli cheese kransky, crispy bacon, BBQ sauce and truffle cayenne mayonnaise on a slight toasted brioche bun

 Expect the this burger to taste as good as it sounds, but nothing more. My companion thought the burger tasted good in an ordinary way.

2015-03-19 Grand Trailer Park Taverna (2)

Most of the burgers on the menu at Grand Trailer Park Taverna are pretty much based around have a lightly toasted brioche bun, with American cheddar cheese, an Aussie beef patty, tomato or butter lettuce and a few extra ingredients here and there. There’s not a lot of options when it comes to extras on the burger or side dishes either.

The novelty of dining in a place with such a funky fit out is quite exciting and may get you in the mood to have a couple of drinks, but I think when it comes to just the food on its own, I’ll be heading down back to Dandenong for the burger thanks.

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