With a minimalistic dining space that extends beyond the interior, Operator 25 positions itself like a hole in a well fitted and painted red brick box. Plastered over the walls of the cafe is a lovely picture female coffee operator on a painted grey backdrop, an image that has become Operator 25’s defining feature. Though making your way to this cafe might just make you second guess yourself. From the exterior the only indication that the cafe exists, is a small little sign just above the entrance.

2015-02-26 Operator 25 (5)

From the moment I read about Operator 25 in its early days that the place was  going to be popular.

I’m glad my prediction was right, because now I can enjoy the same popular dishes which made Operator 25 hit it off with breakfast and brunch goers alike. Ever since their opening, the cafe has not really made many changes to the menu so you can be rest assured that your favourites won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

2015-02-26 Operator 25 (3)

I loved the retro poster wall coffee operator girl they had painted on the wall

2015-02-26 Operator 25 (4)

2015-02-26 Operator 25 (6)House Benedict $16.00
Potato and thyme Rosti, grandmother lamb ham, poached eggs with tarragon and mustard seed hollandaise

The house benedict looked small when it came out, but we all know that the bigger isn’t always better. The level of satisfaction, satiety and flavour of this house benedict with the lamb ham on potato rosti was just divine. The mustard seed hollandaise as my friend thought, really pulled everything together quite nicely.

2015-02-26 Operator 25 (7)Matcha and White Chocolate Hot Cakes $16.00
w/ black sesame mascarpone, banana chips, toasted hazelnut and cherry Sauce

I knew what I was going to order long before I decided when I would visit this cafe. The matcha hotcakes were a must try for me and they were really nice if you thought of them as what they literally were, hot cakes. No it’s not the same as pancakes, these matcha morsels were just like eating circular scone sized cakes that were served warm. And their own, they were really good.
The marscapone and even the jam was a little too tart for my personal liking. It didn’t go well with the slight bitterness of the hotcakes. If I were given the option to plate up, I would have them with some maple syrup, fresh fruit and some coconut ice cream. Now that, is a matcha made in green tea heaven.

2015-02-26 Operator 25 (9)

Although I’m feeling a little mixed about the matcha hotcakes, there were a few other items on the menu that I would have loved to try. The coconut sago in particular was something a little different. Alas, my stomach can only hold so much though.

I like you Operator 25, but there was just something missing. I hope we can find that little spark after a few more dates.

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