When you’re in need of a little sweet pick me up at the start of the week, what better way to to treat yourself than with a little sweet scroll from the Pop Up Scroll Shop. I have been hearing about these scrolls for quite some time, and was finally able to make my way to the store on Smith St. I prepared myself for the decadent day by walking all the way to the shop from Melbourne Central. By the time I reached the little boutique store, I was ready to buy one of everything.

2015-03-10 Pop up scroll

As you enter, there is a scroll menu by the door underneath the plush bear’s head.

2015-03-10 Pop up scroll (3)

2015-03-10 Pop up scroll (4)

Better yet, once you make your way to the counter, everything is labelled at your convenience.

2015-03-10 Pop up scroll (5)

I managed to exert some self control and not buy one of everything. Just one of everything that I thought looked really good.

2015-03-10 Pop up scroll (7)Cream Cheese $4.50

2015-03-10 Pop up scroll (8)Banana and peanut butter $4.50

Both the cream cheese and banana with peanut were a no brainer for me. Especially the banana and peanut butter. It was like breakfast in a scroll. Both of these were my favourite of the four I chose. And I would come back particularly to buy lots more of the banana and peanut one for sure.

2015-03-10 Pop up scroll (9)

The other two I chose were the Maple and Blueberry mini scroll $3.00 and the White Chocolate Coconut scroll $3.00. These two were okay. They tasted more like fancy iced scrolls whereas the creamed filled ones were the big stars of the show.

I love my scrolls, so I could only hope that one day they’ll open a store a little closer to home. On the other hand, it might actually be a good thing that they are so far away as well (for my waist at least). Pop Up Scroll knows scrolls like those boutique stores that do doughnuts and muffins, so I’ll be sure to drop on by again to grab some more of those banana and peanut butter morsels and maybe try out some of their cruffins too.

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