Positioned in a nice open courtyard like lane along with many other eateries lies Tadka Boom, a Indian kitchen bring healthy fusion curries and other goodies to your plates and palates. Since its opening months ago, Tadka Boom has undergone quite a few changes to its menu and kitchen layout to increase their overall efficiency and reduce service time for customers. This is especially great for those who don’t want to deal with long waits during peak lunch hours (like me).

2015-03-13 Tadka Boom (1)

2015-03-13 Tadka Boom (2,3)

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The ordering system at Tadka Boom is similar to the Subway experience. Pick your curry, wraps or salad and customize your order as they make up your lunch in front of you. Once the food is done, it’s passed down to the counter where the food is paid for. You can choose to eat in or take away, which will make a difference to whether they will serve the food on the plate or in a take away box.

2015-03-13 Tadka Boom (5)Dhal Tadka $8.90
Mixed yellow lentils cooked in Tadka seasoning

I stuck with something vegetarian and ordered the Dhal tadka, a mild lentil curry on brown rice served with coleslaw salad. The creamy lentil curry was really satisfying and quite filling however I didn’t enjoy the rice as much. The natural texture of Indian rice is too hard for me. I like my rice soft and fluffly.

2015-03-13 Tadka Boom (7)Bombay bites (vegetarian) $4.00

I was recommended to try the Bombay bites, as they were meant to resemble popcorn chicken but chickpea versions instead. The Bombay bites had a floury texture, were hard and too dry. Dipping them in the lentil curry, made them easier to swallow, but not that much more.

2015-03-13 Tadka Boom (6b)No butter chicken $8.90

No butter chicken is just like butter chicken but without the guilt! It had a nice sweetness and the consistency was overall less thick and buttery. The essence of the butter chicken chicken flavour was definitely there.

For a quick and healthy Indian feed, Tadka Boom sure ticks all the right boxes when it comes to the curries, but I’m not entirely sure about their snack foods. Their salads looked quite promising as a lot of people were walking out with potato and spinach samosa salads in hand. It’s a nice place to stop by for lunch for some tasty Indian without leaving feeling heavy afterwards.

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