JD’s burgers, bringing together a fusion of Asian flavours to your all American (or all Australian) classic burgers with a twist. It’s basically everything you dreamed of in an Asian burger. I was planning a visit to JD’s burgers at some point, but was given the opportunity to try some of their burgers on the house, all thanks to budding burger entrepreneur and head chef Daniel. With a strong background in food hospitality and a passion in creating mouthwatering and juicy burgers, Daniel takes you on a burger adventure with flavours influenced from Asia.

2015-05-02 JD's Burgers (1)Initially a cafe owned by the parents, Daniel transformed what was once an ordinary cafe into a potentially extraordinary burger joint just over 8 months ago. Although it may not appear to be much at a glance, I can assure you that the quality of the burgers is nothing to scoff at. However as a business, JD’s burgers still has a few process kinks to work out when it comes to increasing the efficiency in delivering their food service.

The concept is great and the good food provides a solid working foundation for the business to keep its customers coming back. What you currently see at JD’s burgers is not quite the finished product, as Daniel hints that what you see is only about 30% of what you can expect of burger joint in the future. A beta burger test if you will. The business has plans to franchise and open up other stores around Melbourne. At current the Kew store only opens from 6am-2:30pm, but this will change in the future to accommodate for the fans out there who want to come here for dinner.

2015-05-02 JD's Burgers (6)JD’s Mighty beef burger $12.00
French bioche bun w/ JD’s secret sauce, American cheese, grilled bacon, caramelized onion, lettuce and tomato

Le Boy guiltily admitted to me, that he wasn’t expecting much judging from how the place looked at first. But as they say, don’t just a book by its cover because he was blown away at how good the signature mighty beef burger way. It was as he stated ‘easily one of the best he’s ever had’ and that my friends is a very high compliment coming from any guy who likes his meat.

2015-05-02 JD's Burgers (5)Korean volcano chicken $11.00
French brioche bun w/ hot n’ spicy Korean bulgogi sauce, Red Dragon sauce, special mayonnaise, American cheese, caramelized onion, lettuce and tomato

I was tempted to order the vegeta burger due to my personal preference of eating less meat, but there was no way I could pass up a Korean marinaded chicken burger. The burger was juicy, saucy and bursting with flavour. It was finger-lickin’ delicious and extremely satisfying.

Having said that I would love to come back to try the vegeta burger next time. Good news for vegos as well is that Daniel is working on even more vegetarian burger options.

2015-05-02 JD's Burgers (2,3)

With some thick and crispy chips on the side and some homemade special aoili sauce, the meal was complete. Well almost. I’d be interested to see whether or not a salad menu will be incorporated at JD’s burgers, but for the time being they deserve a two thumbs up from me and four from both of us.

Before coming here, I have been reading reading really positive reviews from other bloggers and I would just like to testify that they are all accurate because I feel exactly the same way about JD’s burgers. A humble burger joint, with great burgers and a bright young head chef leading the business to success one small step at a time. They deserve every bit of praise for their food.

There’s a really good burger business venture here with lots of room for innovation and creativity so stay tuned.

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  1. This burger innovation piques my interest. As far as grains go, I prefer rice with Asian cuisine over bread, but the deep juiciness you describe really begs me to try it before I judge it (like you mentioned about the appearance).

    JD’s seems like a quaint little place that I wouldn’t mind going to hang out periodically, and the price seems reasonable enough.

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