There was a time when everyone has been telling me about this place and how great it is. And then not long after people were still telling me about it and how much they wanted to come back again. And when I did finally come here for a friend’s baby shower dinner, it all began making sense. At Jinda Thai, you get this real sense of a modern Thai dining experience  that is not only authentic but feels like you’ve been invited over to a very large family dinner.

2015-03-22 Jinda Thai restaurant (3)

The food was on point all evening. The dishes were simple, colourful and full of flavour. Nothing was too heavy and everything that we ordered seemed to just work really well with each other.

2015-03-22 Jinda Thai restaurant (5)

2015-03-22 Jinda Thai restaurant (7)Green Papaya Salad (Som tum thai)  $10.90
w/sweet crystal peanuts and dried shrimps

My only beef with Jinda Thai would be that portions were not entirely designed for sharing between many people. If we push that thought aside, I would have to say that the green papaya salad packed a really good spice kick. It had that nice sourness to it and a lot of texture and crunch from the peanuts and deep fried garnish.

2015-03-22 Jinda Thai restaurant (8)Pad Pug Tofu $14.90
Stir fried vegetable with tofu

 Nothing is complete without a vegetarian dish in tow for one of my friends and I. And this is how pad pug tofu came to make its appearance. Lightly stir fried crispy greens with tofu on rice is to me, a complete meal.

2015-03-22 Jinda Thai restaurant (9)Chicken Tom Kha $15.90
Galangal, lemongrass & Thai herbs in mild coconut soup

 I cannot personally attest to how this tasted, but was told the coconut soup was light and creamy.

2015-03-22 Jinda Thai restaurant (10)Fried Barramundi fish with green apple salad 24.90

The refreshing green apple salad adds a nice contrast of flavours and a little tartness to the crispy fried fish. Plus the dressing was perfect as a drizzle on sauce to accompany with some rice.

2015-03-22 Jinda Thai restaurant (11)

I love how colourful everything looked on the table.

2015-03-22 Jinda Thai restaurant (12)Massaman Beef curry $14.90

I’m not a major fan of beef in general and so I didn’t have any of the massaman beef curry. I was told though that the curry was really nice and the meat was tender.

2015-03-22 Jinda Thai restaurant (13)Pad Thai veg and tofu $12.90

Although not as substantial as I would have liked, Jinda Thai makes a pretty good vegetarian pad thai. Not the best I’ve had, but one of the better ones for sure.

2015-03-22 Jinda Thai restaurant (14)Kor Moo Yang $15.90
Thai style marinated pork neck with nam jim and sticky rice

A DIY sort of dish where you combine a little bit of each element all in one mouthfull. The sticky rice adds a different kind of chewiness to the meat and crispy cucumber salad.

2015-03-22 Jinda Thai restaurant (16b)Crepe cake and ice cream $8.50 each
Milk tea, pandan and taro

And of course, there was no way that my friend and I was not going to order the crepe cakes. The crepe cakes themselves were not too sweet and had subtle aroma to it. Plated side by side, they were beautiful to look at and delicious to boot.

2015-03-22 Jinda Thai restaurant (18)Ice cream grati $6.50
Red bean, sticky rice, palm seed, ice cream

You may not be aware of this, but I have a massive weakness for glutinous sticky rice, coconut, read bean and tropical fruits. This desserts includes all four of those things in just the right fashion. My original dessert order was the pandan crepe cake, but I should have ordered one of these for myself instead. The crepe cake was good, don’t get me wrong. The ice cream grati was just a lot better.

It’s almost safe to say that almost anything (because we didn’t order everything) you order from Jinda Thai will taste pretty good on its own, and possibility even better along with other dishes to be shared among close friends and family. The way the flavours a balanced in each dish does not make one stand above the rest, even though they all have their distinct tastes. In other words, you can mix and eat everything with each other.

And if it wasn’t obvious already, but I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Jinda Thai restaurant. Definitely a place to come back to and recommend to others. Just make sure you’re with people who like to share their food as well.

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  1. Although the portions don’t seem to impress like you say, the space looks fantastic and seems to really prepare you for the experience of “modern” thai. Everything was really colorful, which leads me to believe the cooks had a really strong sense for balancing each plate. Even the deserts seem to exercise this idea.

    Thank you for a wonderful share.

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