I am almost embarrassed to admit how long due this post is, but it must be posted because I had a smashing good time tucking in at Little Tommy Tucker. I remember it well, because it was on one of those midmornings that was sunny but awfully windy and cold. After a good morning run, I was up for something hearty and filling and so came with a fully loaded appetite. My friend had told me that Little Tommy Tucker is the place to brunch in Bentleigh so that’s where we went.

2015-03-19 Little Tommy Tucker (9)

2015-03-19 Little Tommy Tucker (2,7)

Staff were really friendly and appear to enjoy doing what they do. The establishment neatly fitted out with a light and clean look. A delicious selection of tempting sweet treats were beautifully displayed on the counter bench.

2015-03-19 Little Tommy Tucker (3)

Eggs Benedict $18.00
Smoked Otway ham hock, poached eggs, hollandaise

My friend opted for the usual and ordered what she always does at Little Tommy Tucker. Despite it compact portion size, the eggs benedict was rich with flavour and really filling. The eggs were really cream and served on this soft spam like pulled ham. The toasted bread was very crispy but a little tough for my liking.

2015-03-19 Little Tommy Tucker (4)Pasta of the day $18.00
Spinach, mushroom and pea orecchiette with shaved parmesan

After my run this morning, I was really looking forward to having something filling but also satisfying and this really, really hit the spot. I cannot tell you how good that felt. Also I love orecchiette! I love the shape and how with each little bite, you get a little scoop of the mushroom sauce with it. Halfway through, I had ditched the fork and was eating the pasta by the spoonful because it was just that good.

The pasta was cooked al dente and I didn’t that heavy feeling after a carb loaded meal. It was well seasoned and not too oily.

2015-03-19 Little Tommy Tucker (11)

I love how Little Tommy Tucker is set up and the way the place allows a lot of natural light in.

It’s such a great place to relax and catch up with a friend over some good food. Would definitely come back.

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