Just a throw stone’s away from the train station, this cafe is a hidden secret among the locals around Claremont Avenue. After a good half day of work on a Sunday morning, my colleague and I wanted to explore some of the cafes along the backstreets of Malvern. We decided to walk down the little avenue strip near the train station where there appeared to be a number of little shops lined on both sides until end of the block. And this my friends, is where we discovered Millstone Malvern.

2015-03-29 Milllstone Malvern (11)

And what a great find it was. A cute little cafe with a Parisienne flair.

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When you step inside Millstone Malvern, you will not be able to overlook the beautiful pastries displayed in on the counter.

2015-03-29 Milllstone Malvern (8)

The selection of delicately prepared desserts and pastries almost would remind you of Chez Dre but with a more rustic elegance to it as opposed to the Che Dre’s encased dome shaped treats.

2015-03-29 Milllstone Malvern (9)

Here,you are presented with a smaller but nonetheless beautiful selection of slices, pastries, tarts and cakes with a lot of fresh elements sprinkled here and there.

2015-03-29 Milllstone Malvern (10)

2015-03-29 Milllstone Malvern (6)

Having arrived in the late afternoon, the cafe appeared to have just survived through its busiest hours and have only just begun to slow down the pace a little.

2015-03-29 Milllstone Malvern (12)Zuchinni salad with parmesan, lemon and seeds + pea, potato, mint and buttermilk salad $9.00

There wasn’t much left to order from the day’s special, but what was left was still very enticing. I opted for the zuchinni salad and roast potato salad combination which cost the same if you had chosen just one. The zuchinni was really crunchy which was a nice surprise. The lemon dressing was quite sour and a little too tart after a while.

2015-03-29 Milllstone Malvern (13) Smashed chickpea, roasted brocolli and hazelnut dukka salad $9.00

 The creamy smashed chickpeas resembled a very rustic interpretation of your hummus dip, but not processed until creamy. The hazelnut dukkah add a nice roasted waft to the salad and provided a little bit of extra texture among the creaminess of it all.

2015-03-29 Milllstone Malvern (15)Chocolate mille feulle with chantilly cream and poached quince

Like a french vanilla slice but so much better. Imagine a two thin chocolate puff pastry squares filled with a lightly flavoured chantilly cream with some fruit to freshen it up.  You could easily eat this all on your own and not get that feeling that you’ve eaten something you shouldn’t have because it’s just the right amount of sweetness you would want in a dessert with all the right textures.

2015-03-29 Milllstone Malvern (16)Hazelnut entreument

This hazelnut entreument is almost like your forrero rocher turned into a fancy French pastry dessert slice. Although a little smaller than the chocolate mille feulle, this hazelnut sweet treat is really rich and decadent. You can shared this rich cake between two or even three people.

2015-03-29 Milllstone Malvern (1)

As I write this, I think fondly back to that lovely Sunday afternoon and all the lovely little the cakes on display. Millstone Malvern is definitely a hidden gem of a cafe and I would definitely come back again to try their breakfast menu and grab some more of their desserts.

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