With all the changes that has been happening at Chadstone, you may find yourself accidentally walking into realistically printed cut off walls (like I did). After a long hour of shopping you may find yourself quite famished and looking for a good feed that doesn’t lead you to the food court. Not that food court is bad. It’s just that sometimes you may want something different. Sometimes you just want a nice bowl of ramen without having to travel all the way to the city.

2015-05-15 Yokozuna (1)

What used to be a French and Japanese fusion cafe restaurant previously known as Miam Miam, new management has vamped the place into a ramen joint. Popular enough, that people are lined up waiting for a seat in the small but busy establishment. But how good is their ramen?

2015-05-15 Yokozuna (3)Steamed vegetarian gyoza $6.90

But before we get that, I just wanted to try some of their other items on the menu. The steamed vegetarian gyozas unfortunately were not at all what I expected. They tasted very plain and had that kind of gooey texture you get from overly steaming frozen dumplings. It was falling apart as I was trying pick it up to eat. Absolutely horrid.

2015-05-15 Yokozuna (4)Green vegetarian ramen $11.90
w/vegetable soy milk broth

But to be more constructively positive, I would have to say that their ramen actually tasted good. There was an overly generous serving of thick and chewy noodles in my vegetarian ramen topped with a good portion of vegetables. The only drawback was the cold egg.

2015-05-15 Yokozuna (5)Karaage red ramen $13.90

2015-05-15 Yokozuna (6)

My fellow companion though that their karaage red ramen was very similar to the ones the have had in Japan, just bigger. The broth was flavourful and had a nice spice kick to it.

2015-05-15 Yokozuna (7)Tonkotsu karaage ramen $13.90

Le boy was pleased with his bowl of ramen and happily polished everything off. The chicken was crisp and tender. Since he was quite hungry, the generous amount of noodles made it quite satisfying.

2015-05-15 Yokozuna (8)Green tea and vanilla soft serve $2.50

And of course, there is no better way to finish having meal than with something sweet like a vanilla and green tea soft serve.  I was mighty impressed with the soft serve and would go back out of my way just to get some.

2015-05-15 Yokozuna (2)

Overall, Yokozuna offers up some ramen decent enough to satisfy your cravings. The place makes for a nice change from your food court and if not for the ramen, I would high recommend you try their green tea soft serve.

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