With so many Korean restaurants popping up all over place in the last couple of years, it can be quite difficult for the unaccustomed diner to decide on where to go for some good Korean food. And although I have yet to dine at a Korean restaurant in the city which has not served up food that was above my average expectations, it is hard to resist a restaurant where massive 2.5L beer towers are made available alongside an irresistible plate Korean fried chicken.

2015-05-23 Da Rin (4)Kang Jun $18.00
Korean style fried boneless chicken with sweet and spicy sauce

I am all for boneless fried chicken. Like a super-sized version of popcorn chicken but with a much more delectable marinade and sauce. Think of a sweet and sticky crispy goodness with some spice for kicks.

2015-05-23 Da Rin (5a)Vegetarian bibimbap $16.00
Fried tofu, seasonal sauteed vegetables with egg jidan on rice served with spicy gochujang sauce

2015-05-23 Da Rin (5cd)

As a massive bibimbap fan, it is difficult for any Korean restaurant to get this dish wrong and yet some still do. Not Da Rin though. The bibimbap is served with a generous amount of vegetable toppings which can be ordered with or without the egg to make the dish vegan. Just enough gochujang sauce was provided and small bowl of miso soup was also served alongside to complete the meal.  It was extremely satisfying.

2015-05-23 Da Rin (6)Corn cheese $10.00
Seasoned corn, peas and shredded crabsticks with melted cheese

 Best eaten when still hot, this cheesy corn and crab east meets west dish just screamed of winter comfort food.

2015-05-23 Da Rin (7)Original and sweet and spicy Da Rin fried chicken $34.00

If it is any testament to how good the Da Rin fried chicken was, the crispy and tender fried pieces of chicken were going so fast that another plate had to be ordered on the double.

2015-05-23 Da Rin (8)Deokbokki $15.00
Rice cakes with seasonal vegetables, fish cakes in spicy gochujang sauce

Da Rin is a lovely place for dinner with some good friends for a beer (tower or two) and tasty fried chicken surrounded by retro modern prints. A casual but busy restaurant establishment, the service can be lacking at times but staff do try their best to meet everyone’s needs.

2015-05-23 Da Rin (10)

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