It is about time that a trendy cafe has opened in opened up in the more south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne I tell you, about time. With many new apartments developing in the area, Hendriks Cafe is positioned well in the heart of the suburbs of Mordialloc. Having just opened earlier in 2015, the fairly new establishment encompasses what all modern cafes striving for progressive success should be. Hendricks cafe has the versatility, dining space and design that has the potential to adapt to the dynamic dining food culture that exists in Melbourne.

2015-06-05 Hendriks (1)

I love its industrialist design. The use of white walls open up the space to let in more light while accent copper metal light bulbs and piping provide a sense of warmth and comfort. To the far end of the care is a cabinet that displays of daily pastries and treats to have with your coffee or take with you.

2015-06-05 Hendriks (2,menu)2015-06-05 Hendriks (3)

There were a mixed combination of large wooden tables for shared dining and small ones for coffee dates and meetings. The cafe has an all day dining menu with extra seasonal menu specials from time to time.

2015-06-05 Hendriks (5b)

Hendriks cafe uses Mork chocolate in their hot chocolate and mochas. The earthy aromas provided a sweet sensation to the palate while the rich chocolate taste blended well with the coffee. There was a good chocolate to coffee ratio in this mocha.

2015-06-05 Hendriks (6)Chicken Schnitz $20.00
Parmesan and oregano chicken schnitzel with Italian slaw & burnt lemon

A nice large of pierce of chicken breast crumbed in oregano and parmesan creates a different texture and taste to your traditional bread crumb. The tanginess of the Italian slaw, distracts you from any oiliness that comes with fried chicken.

2015-06-05 Hendriks (7)The Big One $19.00
Two poached eggs, bacon, mushroom, tomato, crushed avocado and relish

A traditional classic big breakfast is one that you can never go wrong with. The sauteed mixed wild mushrooms and tomato relish stood out in particular, while the bread was a bit too hard and chewy for personal preference.

2015-06-05 Hendriks (8)Indo Fritters $17.00 + extra crushed avocado $3.50
Crispy sweet corn fritters, son in law egg & chilli caramel

When you combine some corn fritters dipped in the runny egg yolk from the son in law egg, there is nothing but a good combination of flavours. The chill caramel was more of a sweet and savoury sauce rather than chilli which suited my palate perfectly as I do prefer the sweet sauces. To top it off were some fried shallots to add some crunch while the coriander help maintained a freshness to each bite.

2015-06-05 Hendriks (9)

 When you are surrounded by good company accompanied by good food, in a relaxing environment with friendly staff and great service, this does many wonders to enhance the dining experience. Thank you my dear Hendriks, I shall expect to visit you again soon.

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