As of late, Nutella donuts have been quite the rave and Hugo’s was quick to jump on the Nutella donut bandwagon and started making their own versions as well. I’ve been to Hugo’s a couple of times before to sample their biscuits, sweets and other baked goodies. They have quite an impressive window selection of pastries to choose from. Just only a month ago, I tried my first Nutella donut from their store. And now, just the other day I came back to show a friend of mine their donuts to discover that they have 9 other flavours to choose from.

2015-08-27 Hugo (1)

Although I have never tried the Nutella donuts from Mick’s Place up in northern suburbs, I would have to say that Hugo’s does a pretty mean Nutella donut. The donut is generously filled with the rich hazelnut chocolate spread inside a very fluffy bread like donut.

2015-08-27 Hugo (2)
This time round I decided to try some of their other newer flavours.

Donuts go for $4.50 each unless you buy 5 or more then it becomes $4.00 each. I couldn’t pass on the opportunity and ended up buying 5 donuts: peanut butter and jelly, custard, raspberry cheesecake, salted caramel and cookies and cream.

Even though the new flavours something a little different and exciting, I much prefer the more subtle sweetness that comes from a custard donut. It’s moist, creamy and not over sweet or sticky to eat.The donut dough is less cakey than some of the other donuts I’ve tried which works really well when you have a very sweet filling. In almost other cases though, a more cake like batter covered in a thin sugar glaze makes for a more tasty donut. All in all, it’s really all about what you prefer, but I would have to say that Hugo’s are doing pretty good to keep up with the donut craze.
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