At Mr Miyagi, the dim warm lights with purple and eclectic highlights creates an a romantic atmosphere that is enticing and visually a treat for the eyes. Whether you’re looking to have a romantic dinner with a date or after work dinner and drinks with the girls, Mr Miyagi is a master mood setter for a lovely evening with some old school RnB from a decade or two ago. No digital or dance music here. It’s all about setting the mood with some good old rhythm and blues.

2015-04-17 Mr Miyagi (1)We were quite lucky to grab a table for three despite having made no bookings.

Although Mr Miyagi looks quite small from the outside, the restaurant opens up into this deep open space that extends past the bar to the far end of the hallway. Flower centre pieces are used to decorate large tables with the menu as place mats under each dining set.

2015-04-17 Mr Miyagi (6)Edamane $5.00
Blow torched with shiso salt

Edamane beans are always a good way to stay the evening and make for a great accompaniment with some wine or beer, but scorching them with a blow torch adds another dimension of flavour with its smokiness.

2015-04-17 Mr Miyagi (7)Nori Taco $12.00 each
Grilled salmon belly, vinegar rice, spicy nappa cabbage, Japanese mayo, chilli oil

The idea of nori tacos is genius. I love the innovation of using nori sheets as the taco shell. The crisp nori in contrast with the soft fatty salmon belly that melts on your tongue and tangy and crisp spicy cabbage created a multitude of flavours and textures that worked wonderfully together. If I were to try to describe it another way, I would ask you to imagine eating your favourite sushi roll pieces deep fried in tempura batter, topped with tangy Japanese mayo and fresh herbs.

2015-04-17 Mr Miyagi (9)

Seeing as many other tables were ordering the same thing, it was no surprise to see that the nori tacos were very popular and a clear favourite among the majority.

2015-04-17 Mr Miyagi (8)Soba noodle salad no salmon $18.00
Green tea soba noodles, sesame dressing, edamane, crispy vegetables no salmon

Another one of my favourite dishes as of late would be the green soba noodle salad. I have been ordering this at any place that I have been able to find it and Mr Miyagi does not disappoint with their own version that is normally served with salmon either. Filled with fresh ingredients and a lovely sesame dressing that blends perfectly well with all the elements of the salad, the soba noodle salad was refreshing, light and very tasty.

2015-04-17 Mr Miyagi (10)Tempura brocolli with kimchi seasoning $10.00

Yyou can just about never go wrong with making anything into tempura. This includes broccoli. The kimchi seasoning gave the broccoli an extra tang and slight spice kick which was

2015-04-17 Mr Miyagi (11)Battered corn 3pc $15.00
Tempura sweet corn kernels, freshly popped corn, corn salt and mayo

These batter corn pieces were fun to eat as they reminded me of cluster corn puffy bits of deep fried batter. The components of this beautifully presented dish were all interesting to try you havve the creamy mayo and the popped corn crumb to contend.

2015-04-17 Mr Miyagi (12)Kabocha Pumpkin toast $15.00
w/white chocolate and pumpkin ganache, honeycomb, yoghurt sorbet and pumpkin ice cream

I had decided from the beginning that I dessert would be something I had to order, especially after seeing the Kobacha pumpkin toast on the menu.

And good thing I did too because this dessert was amazing. The white chocolate and pumpkin ganache was smooth but not too overly sweet. It was like having a pumpkin flavoured piece of banana bread which tastes like cake, iced with a smooth pumpkin ganache. The dessert was served with not just one but two cold sweet scoops of one, a tangy yoghurt sorbet and two, spice pumpkin ice cream. And if that wasn’t enough there were large crunchy pieces of honey comb sprinkled here and there.

This dessert in itself was a meal on its own and certainly worth every spoonful of a cent. I cannot rave enough about it

2015-04-17 Mr Miyagi (4)

Mr Miyagi is certain to please with their wonderfully tasty selection of food on offer. Despite being in essence a modern Japanese fusion restaurant, my advice here would be to skip the sushi and sashimi entirely for once and explore everything else that the restaurant has to offer. The innovativeness found in the food that Mr Miyagi has to offer is definitely curious and well worth stepping out of your comfort food shell for. And just in case you wanted to know a little bit abuot the the service. It was spot on.

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