After an afternoon of go karting with Le Boy, his brothers and mates we were all started to get a little famished and the need to down a good burger was strong. We were tired, our arms and upper backs were starting to feel the soreness of just 3 x 10minute go karting sessions. I have no idea how those F1 racers can go for hours. But I digress, because being with a group of guys who were getting pretty hungry, you want a filling no fuss kind of meal. The Royale Brothers, I’ve heard, makes quite the burger.

2015-06-06 The Royale Brothers (6)Royale with cheese $13.00
Beef patty, cheese, onion, lettuce, pickles, mustard, mayo & Royale sauce

The signature original burger, for a lack for a better word, really, really good. The Royale with cheese is the signature burger with good reason. Everything was in balance from the burger, to the creamy mayonnaise, cheese and buttery soft bread.

2015-06-06 The Royale Brothers (3)Hippy Royale $13.00
Panko crumbed pinto bean patty, house slaw, spring onion, avocado, tomato and mayo

As a closet hippy at heart, I could not go pass their Hippy Royale burger. The panko crumbed patty was crispy on the outside and soft and ‘meaty’ on the inside. The generous serving of vegetables was great, but I found the burger lacking a strong sauce to give it that extra kick of flavour. The mayonnaise is quite mild and I believe some sort of relish would have made the burger even better (or even vegan) and pull it altogether. I could not finish the burger without adding some tomato sauce to it.

2015-06-06 The Royale Brothers (4)Royale double deluxe $22.00
Double beef, double cheese, double bacon, double bun, onion, lettuce, tomato, pickles, mustard, mayo & Royale sauce

Essentially a super-sized version of the Royale with cheese, The Royale double deluxe is one large and heavy burger. If you were to put both your hands together,  the Royale double deluxe would pretty much cover the areas of both hands. That’s how big the size of this baby is. With double of everything this burger packs in a lot of whopping energy perfect for those bulking days. It is very, very cheesy, meaty and creamy.

Unless you have a massive appetite or are a big eater, the Royale double deluxe can be quite a feat to finish. Although Le boy did a pretty good job to get halfway through the burger, the double deluxe was passed around a couple of times before it could be finished.

2015-06-06 The Royale Brothers (5)The pork jerk $13.00
Jerk spiced pulled pork shoulder, vinegared slaw, spring onion, pickles, coriander & Royale sauce

Le boy’s older brother, lets call him P ordered this burger and found it be nice but just missing a little something extra.

2015-06-06 The Royale Brothers (2)

A thing to note about The Royale Brothers, is that there is not indoor seating arrangements. The joint is set up to be a take away burger joint with some outdoor seating to accommodate. After placing your order at the counter, you will be given a buzzer that will light up and make noises when your burger is ready to be collected.

Of all their burgers we tried that night, only the Royale with cheese would be worth coming back for. Both the Hippy Royale and The Pork Jerk were lacking in something while the Royale double deluxe was overkill even though it taste pretty good. Would I come back? Certainly, if I was in the area but I wouldn’t go out of my way to come here unlike JD’s Burgers.

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