Tucked away down one of the side streets, away from the busy tram laden Glenferrie Rd is Gllow, a little restaurant that serves pretty authentic Taiwanese food (or so my friend claims) . Conveniently located a few shops from Malvern station, the establishment is but only one train stop away from Monash University, Caulfield. Among the international students living locally Gllow, has become quite a popular little hot spot for dinner after class or a good late feed after a night of studying.

2015-07-28 Gllow (2a)

2015-07-28 Gllow (4,5)

When ordering, I would suggest to focus on the main menu page only or the chef’s special menu for their popular dishes for a good feed. Their other more typical Asian dishes are pretty average I would have to say.

 There are also lunch specials which are always a plus when you’re looking for a good value meal and can’t be bothered choosing from too many options.

2015-07-28 Gllow (6)Original milk tea $5.60 with lychee jelly (+0.60c)

They have milk tea that is mildly flavoured and not sweet. Always a plus in books, however they do not offer pearls except for weekends only so we had to compromise with jelly instead.

2015-07-28 Gllow (7)Oyster MeeSua (large) $11.50

The Oyster MeeSua in large comes filled to the brim (literally) in a massive white bowl that, in my opinion should be shared between two. My friend who loves the stuff would beg to differ though. Fine rice vermicelli noodles are cooked in a savoury oyster flavoured thick broth with almost a sauce like consistency.

2015-07-28 Gllow (8)Oyster MeeSua (small) $11.50

Slurping is a requirement for this dish. Don’t expect to be grabbing long strands of rice vermicelli with this noodle dish because all you will get are little short broken strands. Instead, I insist that you just scoop some up onto the big spoon that is provided and slurp away. The chewy pieces of oyster meat and young bamboo shoot toppings help to add a little bit of texture to all the slurpiness.

2015-07-28 Gllow (9)Oyster Pancake $12.50

The oyster pancake would be best described as an oyster omelette. For some reason I was expecting something along the lines of a kimchi pancake but with an oyster version. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case and if the dish had been labelled oyster omelette, it would have been less misleading. It still tasted good, don’t get me wrong. I just had something else in mind.

2015-07-28 Gllow (10)Steamed vegetarian dumplings (8 pieces) $8.00

These steamed vegetarian dumplings were with a lack of better word, a little plain. That is, until you dip it in the sauce. Then again, I like being able to eat my dumplings without having to dip them in anything at all. Am I the only one who thinks that?

2015-07-28 Gllow (11a)

It was a first for me to have ever tried either the oyster meesua or the oyster omelette.  Overall, it was a little unusual at first as I was not used to such textures and tastes. However, I would say that the experience has been a positive one and that I would consider ordering these dishes again next time.

It’s always good to try something a little different now and again. What have you recently tried that is new to you?

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