Yo My Goodness does burgers. That’s right there’s a frozen yoghurt store that not only serves up frozen yoghurt, but burgers, milk shakes and loaded fries to boot. For the past 6 months, Yo My Goodness has been attracting a lot of burger fans all over Melbourne at their Glen Waverly store. The store is newly furbished lit up with neon sign, upside down green potted plants and narrow long dining floor with some shaded seating arrangement outside.

2015-08-06 Yo My Goodness (4)

Let me tell you though, this place can get really busy come lunch and peak dinner hours. Last time I went during the evening, we had to write down our names to grab a seat to eat because that’s how packed the place was.

2015-08-06 Yo My Goodness (2,3)

And don’t worry about getting bored of the same options, because they also have a specials menu which changes every once in a while.

2015-08-06 Yo My Goodness (8)

2015-08-06 Yo My Goodness (9)Big Vic $14.00
Beef, cheese, bacon, egg, beetroot, slaw, caramelized onion & ketchup

2015-08-06 Yo My Goodness (10b)Shang-Fry $9.00
Pulled pork, crispy shallot, toasted sesame, basil mayo, chilli, spring onion

2015-08-06 Yo My Goodness (11)Mr Potato Head $11.00
Double potato cake stack, double cheese, egg, slaw, gerkin dill mayo, ketchup

2015-08-27 Yo My Goodness (1)The Hipster $14.00
Garlic roasted pulled mushroom, Asian slaw with cashew nut mayonnaise

2015-08-27 Yo My Goodness (2)Yo My with Cheese $9.00
Beef, cheese, lettuce, tomato ketchup, secret sauce

So how do I think the burgers rate overall? For the price, what you get and given the location Yo My Goodness serves up some pretty satisfying burgers. Are they the best I’ve eaten? Not quite. Their veggie burger options have some room for improvement as I found that the bread for The Hipster burger was stale at one point while the Mr Potato head burger was too oily with two potato cakes coupled with a creamy mayo sauce and egg. It was missing a bit of acidity to cut through all the oil and fat.

As for the Yo My Cheese and and Big Vic burgers, Le Boy and my colleague through they tasted pretty good. Both were very satisfied.

I would have to say that I’m a pretty big fan of the loaded fries as well, but they aren’t always consistent. Sometimes the fries taste really fresh warm and almost hot, and other times they felt soggy and overly salted. Having said that though, from what the place has to offer, I would recommend the Shang-Fry for something a little different. It would be great if they expanded on their loaded fries menu to include a larger variety of toppings.

2015-08-06 Yo My Goodness (1)

Bonus Points: Yo My Goodness is now serving soy-based frozen yoghurt. Now vegans can enjoy frozen yoghurt too.
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