I have often walked past or driven past Elephant Corridor many times whenever Le Boy and I went to Glen Waverly to have dinner. The restaurant is located just along Coleman parade which can be accessed from both Springvale Rd and Kingsway. Parking can be quite a feat during peak dining hours if you intend to park in the lot in front of the restaurant, but if you’re willing to walk 5 mins then I would suggest parking the car at the new multi-level parking complex near the train station.

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Elephant Corridor specializes in Sri Lankan and North Indian cuisine. They have hopper nights, a Sri Lankan specialty on Sunday and Monday nights as well as a Sri Lankan and North Indian buffet lunch on Sunday for those who want a little taste of everything.

Le Boy and I arrived on a Tuesday evening with a booking to be sure that we would have a table and it was a good thing we did because they were quite busy on that night. We were received by one of the wait staff and directed to our tables with a smile and such a welcoming feeling that I would have come back on service alone.

2015-11-17 Elephant Corridor (2)Complimentary papadums served with mint sauce and a sweet and sour tamarind chutney.

Our waitress was patient and very helpful in helping us choose our mains and also accommodating to Le Boy when it came to dealing with the spiciness of what we ordered. Throughout the night, she also made sure that everything was okay and offered to provide us with some raita, a cucumber yoghurt side dish to help tone down the spiciness but we were doing okay.

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2015-11-17 Elephant Corridor (5)Dark dry pork curry $20.90

The dark dry pork curry tasted very similar to a spice version of a Vietnamese braised pork dish. A slight sweetness came from the onions, garlic and tomatoes while the spiciness could be described peppery at most since we had asked if the spice levels could be adjusted to very mild. The curry had a lovely roasted and deep robust flavour. The sauce was thicky, almost chunky and you can definitely see the remnants of the spices and curry leaves used to season the dish.

2015-11-17 Elephant Corridor (6)Green Jackfruit (Polos) Curry $18.90

This jackfruit curry will defy everything you thought a jackfruit curry would taste like. At least, it did for me. I had the impression, that the jackfruit curry would be a sweet type of curry with meaty chunks of jackfruit but I did not expect that the jackfruit in its unripe form would have such a distinctly meaty texture. It could have fooled Le Boy, because he thought I was mistakenly eating chicken breast even though I had ordered a vegan curry.

The green jackfruit was cut up like thick pineapple chunks, but when separated with a fork, the fruit comes apart very similarly to chicken breast. It had a taste that reminded me of young preserved bamboo shoots. The dissonance at that moment of what I had in my mind and what I was tasting was very confusing to me and I found myself not sure how I felt about the dish.

I came in very excited to order and try the green jackfruit curry, but I must say that I am biased towards sweeter curries.

2015-11-17 Elephant Corridor (7)Garlic Naan $3.70

We each ate our curries with naan bread as we prefer to mop up our curries with some thick warm bread. It’s very satisfying to use your hands to wipe the curry from our plates. If you have yet to eat curry with your hands instead of a knife and fork, I highly suggest you try it, at least once. So that you know you have lived to experience eating Indian curry the way it’s meant to be eaten.

For what appears to be almost double the price of your casual Indian dining experience, the restaurant does provide you a serving size large enough (almost double) to justify it. I can assure you, there was plenty of curry leftover to take home and we are normally able to finish all our curries.

Overall, Le Boy and I had a lovely time at Elephant Corridor. Service was great, I could not fault the politeness, patience and the feeling that people enjoyed working here. The space is not overly large but appears twice its size from to the mirror lined wall to the right when you walk in. It’s a great place for a date and even livelier if you bring along a group of people. There were more curries I wanted to try out, so I will definitely be coming back here again.

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