To say that Korean Fried Chicken (KFC) and beer is trending in Melbourne would be an understatement. There is literally KFC and beer joints popping up all over the CBD. You cannot walk around the city without seeing some form of Korean fried chicken and beer joint a block or two away. And it’s big. During peak hours, these fried chicken and beer joints are overflowing with hungry customers, some of which are too hungry to wait and have decided that take away would be best.

2015-11-27 ABC Chicken (4)

ABC chicken is no exception. The double story restaurant is located just south from the Queen Victoria Markets on Queens St, a measly 5 minute walk from Melbourne Central.On the ground floor, the floor space is quite small and limited, however once you walk up the stairs there is much more room with and tables by the window with a nice view.

2015-11-27 ABC Chicken (3)

There is not much else on the menu except for fried chicken, so if you’re looking for bibimbap and other typical Korean dishes normally eaten with rice then you won’t find it here. However, they do have a small number of sides to choose from to eat with your fried chicken.

2015-11-27 ABC Chicken (1)

2015-11-27 ABC Chicken (2)   2015-11-27 ABC Chicken (5,7a)Rice crisps (complimentary) and Corn Cheese $9.00

There is just something very addictive about corn with melted cheese on top. Dipping the rice crisps into the corn cheese made it even more satisfying.

2015-11-27 ABC Chicken (6)Chilli rice cake $14.00

Often known as tteokbokki, ddukbokki, toppoki and many other similar sounding words is a popular Korean snack food. This chilli rice cake dish was served with just fish cake and no ramen. It tasted okay, but the best chilli rice cakes that I’ve had in Melbourne would have to be from Meega.

2015-11-27 ABC Chicken (8)Soy Garlic Chicken (half) $18.00

2015-11-27 ABC Chicken (9)Sweet Chilli Chicken (half) $18.00

Both the soy garlic and sweet chilli chicken were really good. The only complaint anyone had was that there weren’t enough.

2015-11-27 ABC Chicken (10)Boneless Carbonara Chicken $33.00

The boneless carbonara chicken had so much potential to be an amazingly innovative dish to make ABC Chicken stand out from all the other Korean Fried Chicken joints, if only the carbonara sauce was thick enough. The flavour was okay, but the sauce was quite watery which was very disappointing.

2015-11-27 ABC Chicken (11)Kimchi Pancake $16.00

The kimchi pancake on the other had was really nice. You could tell that there was a good balance between the amount of kimchi and batter used to make the pancake. The result was a tasty crispy kimchi pancake that did not have soggy floury parts.

2015-11-27 ABC Chicken (13)Original crispy chicken (whole) $31.00

The original crispy fried chicken were pretty good, although I’d still prefer the original KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) to be honest with you. But that’s just me. Everyone else was more than happy to dig into the crispy tender pieces of chicken regardless.

2015-11-27 ABC Chicken (14)ABC Special Chicken (whole) $34.00

The ABC chicken wasn’t a popular dish on our table. No one could really grasp what it was meant to taste like. There was a soy, it was sweet and had a slight Japanese mayo tang to it which did not sit quite right on anyone’s tastebuds. It was really confusing and even worse had a lot of bones and was not very crispy in contrast to all the other chicken we had on the night. Everyone found the mix of flvaours just really weird and not surprisingly it was the least favourite.

ABC Chicken does some pretty good fried chicken however, I will probably recommend just sticking to their popular items only. Everything else was unfortunately, pretty average. Also, if you want to get 10% off your total bill, all you need to do is post a photo of your meal on Instagram and follow them on social media. That is a good enough reason on its own to check them out at least once.

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