Come walk me with me down Nicholson St past the Melbourne Museum and Royal Exhibition gardens to find this new little treasure trove of a café. The day is overcast and I think I’m running late to my own booking with one of the owners of the café. Eden’s Backyard is a newly established café located in the part of Carlton surrounded by government housing and and where many multi-level apartment buildings are being built. The café is easy to miss if you didn’t know about it, and you’d be forgiven to walk past it to go further east towards Brunswick St where everything else is happening.

2015-11-26 Eden's Backyard (3,4,5)

But I’ll ask you to do me a favour. Take a step back to take note of the subtle improvements that are taking place in the area. One of those improvements being Eden’s Backyard.

2015-11-26 Eden's Backyard (2)

As we arrive, my friend and I are greeted by the counter and directed to one of the four owners of the café, Kevin who is more than delighted to have us try some of things they have on offer. The café aspires to bring a modern Melbourne brunching experience with a promising menu to come inspired by Malaysian flavours.

2015-11-26 Eden's Backyard (8)Eden’s Temptation
apple, pineapple, spinach, cucumber, lemon, banana, coconut water, mint

I am not one to often order juices because I’m very picky when it comes to what I like to be included. But when I saw the words pineapple, coconut water and banana I knew I had to give Eden’s Temptation a go. The drink is everything that I could want for in a juice, it is sweet, light and refreshing. There is no strange after taste by trying to make the juice too healthy while the mint adds a nice zing to it.

2015-11-26 Eden's Backyard (7)Sweet Potato Chips with tomato sauce and Fried Eggplant chips with spicy aoili

Both the sweet potato and eggplant chips were a hit with my friend and I. The eggplant chips had a lovely light crispy batter to it which worked well with the aioli but I would probably prefer Japanese mayonnaise to go with the chips. The sweet potato fries were nice but not the best I’ve had. They quickly went soggy which could be from the way the chips were prepared and fried. So there’s some room for improvement there. A better alternative to serving it with tomato sauce would be to either try sweet chili sauce on sour cream/Greek yoghurt or Japanese mayonnaise. It is the bomb.

2015-11-26 Eden's Backyard (9b)Brekkie Chicken Lasagna
Chicken ragu, light béchamel sauce, sautéed spinach,ricotta, mozzarella, fried eggs

When the chicken lasagna came out, I had expected for it to be served with some sort of side salad. The fried egg on top was cooked to perfection but made the dish a little too rich overall. Don’t get me wrong, the chicken lasagna was delicious but it could be made even better served with a small side to help refresh the palate. Presentation had just the right of simplicity to make the dish stand out on its own.

2015-11-26 Eden's Backyard (11b)Duck Quesadilla
Roast duck fillet, caramelized onion, roasted pepper,mozzarella, tortilla

Come around to the duck quesadilla that my friend had ordered and we had an explosion of colours, textures and flavours which made it look like there was a little party on the serving board. The party did not stop there as the warm savouriness of the quesadilla mixed with the cool salsa salad and zesty lemon created a little party in your mouth too

2015-11-26 Eden's Backyard (12)

And just when we thought we could eat no more and we were discussing the directions on where the café would be heading towards in the future. We were highly recommended to try the French toast which was a popular favourite. Seeing that the French toast was named after Kevin himself, I could not refuse.

2015-11-26 Eden's Backyard (13c)Kev’s Secret French Toast
Nutella, vanilla poached pear, blueberries,strawberries, caramel sauce, Brioche

I’m glad that I didn’t because when the French toast came out, I was literally taken aback by how beautifully presented it was. Everything was arranged so carefully, it looked like a little piece of art. There was a lot of staring and appreciating before I could even bring myself up to demolishing the sweet decadent Nutella goodness that was awaiting my friend and I. And although we were pretty close to being full and were reassured that we didn’t have to finish everything, we actually did. It was that good and it wasn’t too rich. It was sweet but not too sweet. The poached pear made for a nice refresher just when you think you’ve drizzled too much caramel sauce over everything.

2015-11-26 Eden's Backyard (14)

What can I say except that I had fallen in love with a new cafe in Melbourne. My last love was Baba Sus and now Eden’s Backyard has won my heart.

Eden’s Backyard makes for a great place for students to catch up for breakfast, lunch or brunch because the interior is spacious and quiet. The café is only a 5minutes walk away from the Royal Exhibition Building and can be easily accessed by public transport via the No.96 tram which makes it a perfect spot for post exam celebrations and catch ups. I will very much look forward to coming back here when I’m in the areas or once they’ve added more Malaysian inspired brunch items to the menu. Until we meet again.

2015-11-26 Eden's Backyard (1)

NB: Wandering Mint was invited to dine as a guest by Eden’s Backyard.

Opening hours:

Tuesday-Friday 7:30am-4pm
Saturday-Sunday 8:30am-4pm

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