Tis the season for Christmas parties and when one works at two places, one has two parties to attend. Last week I wrote about my Christmas dinner at the Conservatory. This week, Christmas dinner was booked at the Oriental Tea House on Chapel St. And we were (my colleagues and I) were spoiled rotten with good food, drinks, service and more drinks. Of all the things I was most surprised by what Oriental Tea House had to offer, it was their extensive drinks menu.

2015-12-11 Oriental Teahouse (2)

The interior is pretty much Eastern style yum cha tea house meets Western style tea shop and dining.

2015-12-11 Oriental Teahouse (3,7)

There was a lot cocktails and drinks to choose from, most of which were really good. I am no expert in alcohol though since I love my food more. But on occasion I do enjoy a good drink if mixed well. We started the lunch with a few cocktails and I had a whiskey sour before entrees were brought out. The whiskey sour tasted like an alcoholic lemonade without the fizz which was just what I needed.

2015-12-11 Oriental Teahouse (4)

Food was brought out in a timely manner with plenty of vegetarian options and leftovers available.

2015-12-11 Oriental Teahouse (8)Vegetarian DIY San Choi Bao

I enjoyed the fact that the san choi bao at the Oriental Teahouse is DIY. Normally san choi bao is just stir fried ‘stuff’ in lettuce, but I was very surprised at how good these tasted and even better that we could wrap them up ourselves.

2015-12-11 Oriental Teahouse (9)Peking duck wraps

Tasty as they were, one of the girls thought that the duck skin wasn’t crispy enough. But when you’re catering for such a large group is this, it can’t be helped sometimes.

2015-12-11 Oriental Teahouse (10)Vegetarian Spring Rolls

What came next were these fried spring rolls which tasted great. No complaints there. Light and crispy, these spring rolls were served fresh and very hot.

2015-12-11 Oriental Teahouse (11)Chilli steamed fish

The steamed fish fillet in the garlic and chilli marinade was a bit of a hit and miss all round. The marinade sauce was delicious but was too spicy for the girls where as the fish quickly became discouraging due its soft and gelatinous like texture. The potatoes were nice and I found myself going back for the vegetables because I liked the sauce so much.

2015-12-11 Oriental Teahouse (12)Chinese brocolli with garlic sauce

2015-12-11 Oriental Teahouse (13)Vegetarian dumplings

2015-12-11 Oriental Teahouse (14)Prawn dumplings (har gao)

2015-12-11 Oriental Teahouse (15)Golden Chicken dumplings

The dumplings were okay overall. There was too much filling and the dumpling skin was too thick for the prawn and vegetarian dumplings. The chicken dumplings tasted a lot like chicken dim sums which is something I’m not a bit fan off.

2015-12-11 Oriental Teahouse (16c)

2015-12-11 Oriental Teahouse (17)Chilli wagyu dumplings
wagyu beef marinated in kaffir lime, served with homemade chilli sauce

The chilli wagu beef wonton dumplings were a lot nicer but again there was too much filling for me and the sauce was very similar to a sweet soy dipping sauce which I use at home to eat with dumplings. The difference being that in this case, the dumplings where a lot spicier and many of the girls again could not handle their spices.

2015-12-11 Oriental Teahouse (18)Salt and pepper calamari

The plate of calamari was almost cleared as soon as it had come out which can be testimony to how good it was except that it wasn’t that good, but compared to everything else it was. The calamari was a bit tough and although the deep parsely was nice, the wonton crisps weren’t really necessary.

2015-12-11 Oriental Teahouse (19)Signature White Chocolate Dumplings
sticky rice balls stuffed with white chocolate & topped with coconut & peanut praline

For what it’s worth, Oriental Teahouse does well to provide some classic selection of Chinese dishes and dumplings to enjoy as well as a combination of modern twists to the classic favourites such as the Wagyu beef dumplings and chocolate filled dessert balls. Considering the nature of the event and the fact that it was challenging to take a quick shot of everything before the food was grabbed up, I found myself overall impressed with how accommodating everything was. The food was pretty good and everyone enjoyed themselves.

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