For my birthday a few weeks back my boss took us all out for lunch at The Bay Hotel in Mordialloc. It’s been a few years since I last dined here and my impression of it then was that the place was good. It just didn’t have anything that stood out in particular. Perhaps because we were having lunch on my birthday, but this time around I was fairly impressed with the food and the food they had on offer.

At The Bay during lunch there are $15.00 specials from Monday to Friday for selected items on the menu. For what might normally cost let’s say $25.00 for Fish and chips would only be $15. I thought this was fantastic especially if you’re by the beach on a hot summer’s day and want something nice but not too expensive. They have a nice selection of dishes to choose from, not too many but enough options to keep you wanting to come back and try other things.

2015-11-09 The Bay Hotel (1)The Bay Parma $26
Chicken breast schnitzel topped with napoli sauce, ham and mozarella with chips and salad

May I add that they are very generous with their serving sizes. A few of us ordered The Bay Parma which was quite large. The dish came with chips and a small serving of salad, as if the parma itself wasn’t enough. Topped with Napoli sauce, ham and cheese the Bay Parma was crispy and tender. What more could you ask of really.

2015-11-09 The Bay Hotel (2)Fish ‘n Chips $25.00
Battered fillet of baby barramundi, with chips, bay salad and avocado mayo

The same could be said about the fish and chips. Freshly deep friend battered baby barramundi was crispy and well cooked. The avocado mayo was a creamy tangy match to the chips and battered fish in contrast to the light side salad.

2015-11-09 The Bay Hotel (3)Sumac crusted calamari $22.00
Crispy fried calamari with Asian salad, aoili and ginger dressing

One of the girls ordered the calamari salad which looked absolutely beautiful on the dark square plate. The combination of the tangy Asian salad and fresh herbs help cut right though the oiliness of the calamari and the creaminess of the aioli and ginger dressing. The dish would have been even more perfect with a bowl of rice (but that’s just me)

2015-11-09 The Bay Hotel (5)The Tripper Snipper $22.00 (V)
Smoked BBQ pulled mushroms with jalapeno Montery Jack cheese w/veg and kale slaw and herb mayo

Low and behold this vegie burger masterpiece. It’s toasted brioche bun goodness that’s so soft and fluffy, it soaks all the sauces and mushroom marinade and just dissolves away on your tongue. As soon as I saw pulled mushroom burger on the menu, I knew I had to order it. More so when I saw that it was served in a brioche bun with kale slaw. What I didn’t know, was that the burger comes with curly fries as well (or sweet potato fries, yum!) which was a lovely surprise and one I was happy to have. The Tripper Snipper is hands down my favourite vegie burger so far and as I write this, I salivate at the thought of the smokey BBQ pulled mushroom.

I had seen a recipe for a smoked BBQ pulled mushroom burger a week earlier during one of my online recipe hunting adventures but this came at the perfect moment. I am perfectly satisfied and if I come back this is the burger for me, all day every day.

I can say with certainty that I will definitely be paying The Bay Hotel in Mordialloc another visit to try some of their other burgers and their gnocchi (I love gnocchi). They have certainly impressed me this time around and I will sure not to forget this experience any time soon.

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