We normally go to The Melba Restaurant at the Langham Hotel for our end of year Christmas party but this year we decided we went to the Conservatory instead just to try it out. I haven’t gone back to the Conservatory ever since they renovated it a few years back, so I didn’t know what to expected. I was very impressed with that they did to the place. Although the space felt a bit smaller than what I remembered, the improvements made are very modern with traditional elements to give it a nice elegant feel.

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Ceiling high windows allow for a natural light to reflect off the light coloured walls and marbled stoned pillars, illuminating the dining space. Mirrored walls and features create the sense of a large open drawing room that has been converted into a dining area for guests to enjoy.

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The service is good at the conservatory and plates are efficiently cleared from the table by the time you return to your table with a new plate of food.

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There is a decent variety of fresh seafood, cheese and cured meats, roasts, Indian and Asian cuisines. However I was not impressed with their limited selection of dumplings, naan bread and lack of variety of cuisines from other cultures. I had expected more from a buffet restaurant especially one located in Crown.

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For a buffet restaurant there was plenty of food to choose from and you could easily tell what the favourites were.

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Roasted crayfish tails with garlic butter and parsley were selling like hotcakes followed by the fresh selection of seafood, roasts, stir fried noodles, Peking duck and Singapore chili crab.

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I had been looking forward to trying the Indian all night and found that to be the most disappointing selection of food, in both the number of options available and taste.

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The dessert station was beautifully set up with a selection of fresh fruit, cheesecakes, tarts, mousses, puddings and ice creams to choose from.

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By the end of the night we were all pretty full if not stuffed. You definitely get your money’s worth at the Conservatory if you like your seafood and it makes for a great dining experience that is a little bit fancy.

One of the best parts about dining at the Conservatory is not just the dining experience itself but beautiful views surrounding the area and the places you can check out after you’ve had your meal. You can do a bit of shopping, or go for a walk along the river and wait for the light show that comes on every night.

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