There’s nothing like tucking into some good Vietnamese food that reminds you of food from home when you are in a faraway place like Queensland. And by home, I mean Springvale. When my family and I were up on the Gold Coast, breakfast was a conglomeration of leftovers, while deciding what to have for dinner was always a tricky affair. Luckily, we were able to find a nice Vietnamese restaurant close by to where we were staying and when the craving something that resembled for home cooked food was strong, we would stumble into Pho Hung.

Pho Hung is  pretty much located on its own in a small line up of shops on the Marine Parade, nearby Broadwater Parklands. The restaurant seems quiet and driving past, there is only a few places to park. We arrived at what was after hours, according to the ticket parking machine and managed to find a spot right in front of the place.

2016-01-03 Pho Hung (2)

The restaurant opens up as you walk inside, appearing a lot bigger than initially expected. Dark wooden tables and chairs are neatly stand out neatly from the bright white walls with its lime green architraves framing the walkways and lining the wall.

2016-01-03 Pho Hung (10)Salt and pepper soft shell crab $25.90

Dinner started off with some crispy salt and pepper soft shell crabs served hot. The soft shell crabs were a tad salty but otherwise very nice.

2016-01-03 Pho Hung (9)Com Tam
Broken rice with pork chop, fried egg and shredded pork skin

2016-01-03 Pho Hung (8)Com Suon
Pork chop with rice

2016-01-03 Pho Hung (7)Hu Tieu xao chay/rau cai
Vegetarian stir fried flat rice noodles

2016-01-03 Pho Hung (5)Hu tieu xao do bien
Seafood stir fried flat rice noodles

Everything that came out was really nice, well portioned and balanced. Dishes were reasonably priced and everyone managed to finish their dishes feeling satisfied but not stuffed. The thickness of the sauce for both the stir fried dishes were just the right consistency with a generous amount of vegetables and seafood mixed in. Both the rice dishes were presented quite nicely with additional salad that is not always given with the dish, however the boys felt that there needed to be more rice than just the ‘one bowl’ serving size.

2016-01-03 Pho Hung (4)Jackfruit smoothie $5.50 and Ice black filtered coffee with condensed milk $5.50

 I was thrilled at the fact that jackfruit smoothie was listed on their menu and it was actually available. Most often I would find myself disappoint that the item was no longer available and that the restaurant had forgotten to taken it off the list or that they had run out of jackfruit. Drinking the black filtered coffee served with two glasses reminded us of Vietnam.

2016-01-03 Pho Hung (1)

As a visitor to the Gold Coast, I cannot attest to whether Pho Hung is was the best Vietnamese restaurant in the area. But what I can say is that the food at Pho Hung was not oily, hearty, healthy and very satisfying. A welcome change in contrast to all the cold two minute noodles, take away and junk food we were having during our trip out of convenience.

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