Last week, I was invited by Dani Zeini and partners to take an exclusive first look at their new burger venue, Royal Stacks. From the people that brought you Dandenong Pavillion, Grand Trailer Park Taverna and Easeys (just to name a few), there were high expectations all round for the quality of their burgers throughout the night. Presenting American style burgers with a Melbourne twist, Royal Stacks is now open and is located on Collins St in the CBD for all to access and enjoy.

2016-01-13 Royal Stacks (1)

Throughout the night we were able to sample a range of full sized burgers and taste some of their frozen custards.

2016-01-13 Royal Stacks (2)

Let me show you some of the things you can expect to find from their burgers.

You can expect all their beef patties to be minced fresh daily

You can expect to a feel a little noble when go about asking for “The King” or a “Miss Elizabeth”

You can expect said burger to be placed in freshly baked buns, free of additives of course.

I expected no less of them and Le Boy, my special manly guest was impressed.

2016-01-13 Royal Stacks (3)Double Stack
Double beef patty, tomato, butter lettuce, American cheddar, special burger sauce and pickles

Like a single stack but better this burger makes a perfect appetite pleaser, for any hungry man or woman. The double stack despite being twice the size of your average burger has been assembled together with balance in mind, ensuring that enough sauce and cheese can be tasted with every bite. Le Boy highly approved of the Double Stack.

2016-01-13 Royal Stacks (4)

The night was an extremely busy one of the kitchen and with dozens of hungry people to feed, it felt that the burgers were not coming out fast enough.

2016-01-13 Royal Stacks (6)Tater Tots

But to buffer the burger shortage early in the evening, French fries and tater tots were pushed out to help settle the hungry crowd. If you’ve yet to try tater tots before, just think of a hash brown in bite sized little potato gems.

2016-01-13 Royal Stacks (7)

A little more than halfway through the evening without a burger to call my own yet, I discovered that frozen custards were being served at the counter and decided that I will at least have something to eat while I wait for more burgers to come through.

2016-01-13 Royal Stacks (8)Salted caramel frozen custard

I couldn’t resist but try their salted caramel frozen custard and it did not disappoint. The frozen custard was quite sweet and had an overall much creamier consistency and texture than ice cream, very similar to gelato but even thicker.

2016-01-13 Royal Stacks (9)

But while we wait for a tray of burgers to come our way, while not have another drink?

2016-01-13 Royal Stacks (10)Queen Bee
Chickpea patty, tomato, butter lettuce, American cheddar, special burger sauce and pickles

It may not surprise you to find that I had to try order the vegetarian burger. Often being an area that tends to be overlooked, a good burger joint can be judged best by their effort to make a decent vegetarian burger. It’s all about the little details and unfortunately Royal Stacks did not do so well in this regard. Although the chick pea patty was not dry, it didn’t have that patty feel. The patty was a little too soft and didn’t have a nice crispness to it nor anything that would make it stand out in particular. Perhaps a hint of more spices and herbs would do well to jazz this Queen bee burger up a bit as well.

2016-01-13 Royal Stacks (11)The King
Beef patty, tomato, butter lettuce, mac and cheese croquette, American mustard and special burger sauce

Now this burger, is a burger for Kings. You cannot go wrong whenever mac and cheese is involved and to be honest since I am more inclined to vegetarian food, I would order this bun straight up without the beef patty. Make it a mac and cheese croquette burger and you have me completely sold to The King. Le Boy on the other hand devoured this baby with only a slight complain against there being a little too much American mustard.

2016-01-13 Royal Stacks (12)Prince Harry
Beef patty, butter lettuce, American cheddar, Swiss cheese with a horserasdish, shallot and gerkin mayo sauce

My dear Prince Harry, why do you taste so good? After taking just one bite, my first impression of this burger was that it tasted like a Big Mac burger (sorry) made gourmet style. I love the horseradish and shallots mixed in with the tangy gerkin mayo sauce. These combinations of flavours really made Prince Harry stand out above the rest, so much so I have taken it upon myself to try these the combination at home as well.

2016-01-13 Royal Stacks (13)

It’s so bad, but tastes so good. Substitute the beef patty with a well made tofu patty steak and I am forever all yours.

The atmosphere at the Royal Stacks party that evening was very lively. Everyone was full of energy. It was like a DJ club night exclusive to foodies only, I kid you not. Now that they’re open, I suggest you enter through those doors yourself to find out what all the fuss is about.

2016-01-13 Royal Stacks (5)


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