On our last morning on the Gold Coast, we decided to eat out for breakfast before our 2pm flight back to Melbourne. As we walked along the beach towards Surfer’s Paradise we came across Surfers Sandbar, an establishment that offers an all you can eat buffet breakfast every day from 6:45am until 11:30am for only $17.00 per adult. For children, the cost is even less than that and varies with age. With a view along the Esplanade facing out towards the beach, what was there not to like?

2016-01-05 Surfer's Sandbar (1)

As you enter the establishment you can choose to have breakfast normally and be served in the cafe area or pay for your buffet breakfast and walk to the other side of the cafe.

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2016-01-05 Surfer's Sandbar (5)

For a healthy light start to the day cold cereals with fresh and canned fruits, pastries, muffins, toast and fruit juices were available.

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But if you’d prefer to have something hot and hearty then you could choose from selection of pancakes with maple syrup, omelettes, poached eggs, sausages and bacon and more.

2016-01-05 Surfer's Sandbar (6)

Le boy went all out on the tater tots, baked beans, bacon, eggs and pancakes with room for a second plate for sausages and even more baked beans.

2016-01-05 Surfer's Sandbar (7)

I opted for a stranger variety of food to try and everything except for the noodles were nice. I also had another plate but stacked on the fruits and little muffins and cakes instead. Not entirely the healthiest thing for breakfast I must say, but it was damn good to have a freshly made breakfast served warm.  Although not the best breakfast either of us has ever had, we were both very satisfied with the food made available.

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