Having just arrived in Brisbane on New Year’s Eve, we had to drive about an hour to reach our accommodation near the Gold Coast. While looking for a Coles or Woolworths nearby to do some grocery shopping for the next few days, we were this close to having fast food again for dinner when were able to find a Chinese restaurant in the same shopping centre complex. Located in Australia Fair Shopping Centre, Top One Seafood Chinese restaurant is situated in a prime location with a lot of exposure for tourists or anyone living down near the Gold Coast.

2015-12-31 Top One Chinese Seafood Restaurant (1)

The place was busy and it was a miracle that the restaurant was not booked out that New Year’s evening. Possibly understaffed that evening (of all evenings), everyone appeared to be hard at work completely other tasks which did not include keeping an eye out on their customers. Service was a bit over the place as we tried to grab the attention of anyone willing to take our order.

2015-12-31 Top One Chinese Seafood Restaurant (2)BBQ Pork (Char siu) $19.80

When we were finally able to place an order, we found one of the chefs or meat carvers microwaving a plate of roast meat and a joke about being served microwaved meat was made at the table. Considering the time of day and the fact that most of the roasted meats were no longer hanging from the display window. It was safe to say that it was our food being microwaved.

2015-12-31 Top One Chinese Seafood Restaurant (3)BBQ duck $19.80

What can I say? Microwaved meat is well, microwaved meat. The BBQ pork dish was quite average and didn’t have that distinct char siu seasoning that I remember as a child. The BBQ duck on the other hand was a bit better. The meat was still tender and juicy as it had soaked up the liquid sauce.

2015-12-31 Top One Chinese Seafood Restaurant (4)Scallops and prawn with ginger and shallots $26.80

The prawn and scallop stir fry was did not come  served with a thick clear sauce, as I thought I had seen on their picture menu. The brocolli was nice and crisp while the prawns and scallops weren’t overdone. I suppose there may have been too much gloss in the menu paper.

2015-12-31 Top One Chinese Seafood Restaurant (5)Chicken with vegetables in satay sauce $18.80

Not exactly what you would have in mind when you think of the bright orange satay marinade or sauce but at least there a bit of spices in there. It was good how the chicken was soft in contrast to the crispy vegetables. Not what I had wanted, but the dish was still okay.

2015-12-31 Top One Chinese Seafood Restaurant (6)Black bean beef $18.80

The most flavoursome of all, was the black bean beef with vegetables. Although the dish itself was a little too oily for my personal liking, it was the family favourite that evening.

2015-12-31 Top One Chinese Seafood Restaurant (7b)Salt and pepper chicken ribs (far right) $18.80

At the end of the day we were all just happy to have a proper sit down meal with rice. Not much attention was paid to anything else except for the food, which was average for the most part. The restaurant makes for a good place to drop in for a meal at the last minute when you have no idea where to eat and did not make any proper bookings for dinner (like us).

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