Took my parents here to try frozen yoghurt for the first time and they loved it. Frozen by a Thousand Blessings is yet another self serve frozen yoghurt store that has made its way into the hearts of Melbourne froyo lovers alike with their use of biodynamic milk and yoghurt. At $2.90/100g there a a variety of flavours to choose from including two vegan flavours currently almond mylk + hazelnut and soy strawberry.

2016-01-26 Frozen (1)

 A guilty pleasure that is sort of good for you. Their caramel banana flavoured frozen yoghurt is also a must try.

2016-01-26 Frozen (2)

What I particularly liked about Frozen, were their massive selection of toppings. It was almost like walking into a self serve candy shop but with a wider selection of healthier options. This is also the first place I’ve seen that has macarons as one of their toppings.

2016-01-26 Frozen (3)
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2 thoughts on “Frozen by a Thousand Blessings”

  1. They have vegan fro yo??? This makes me super excited!!!!! I can’t wait to go check it out again. I thought for yo was something I would have to say goodbye to haha. Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

    1. Yes, most places these days provide at least 1-2 alternatives to milk based froyo using milk derived from soy or nuts instead. No problems 😀

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