In between a series of fast food restaurants enticing movie goers with a selection of burgers, chicken, pizzas, tapas and pub food is Laksa King Kitchen, a popular Malaysian food establishment that has brought some of its signature dishes from Flemington down town to Southland Shopping Centre. I was excited by the fact that I wouldn’t have to drive up to the CBD and beyond just to try their most popular Laksa bowls.

2016-02-12 Laksa King (12)

Now, I need you all to be aware that I haven’t been to Laksa King in Flemington yet nor have I really had an authentic Laksa dining experience at a restaurant before. You could almost say that I don’t quite know anything about Laksa at all except for what I’ve seen in SBS cooking shows. Without have ever really tasted it beforehand it was a little difficult to really know what a good Laksa bowl is supposed be. But everything tasted pretty good, so I’m not complaining.

2016-02-12 Laksa King (4)

You can see the clear display window through to the kitchen from where the counter is which is cool.

2016-02-12 Laksa King (5)Roi Roll $15.50

Balance of flavours were just right. Juicy pieces of grilled chicken wrapped in roti bread with a light crisp tomato and cucumber salad. The peanut sauce was just the perfect thing to bring everything together.

2016-02-12 Laksa King (7)Chicken Laksa $14.00

2016-02-12 Laksa King (8)Vegetarian Laksa $14.00 (vegan friendly)
Bok choy, brocolli, button mushroom, french bean, zucchini

2016-02-12 Laksa King (9)

Made with a plant based broth, this vegan friendly vegetarian laksa was everything I could ever ask for in a vegetarian noodle coconut curry-like broth dish. There were generous amounts of vegetables including some button yellow squash which I have never tried before until now. All the vegetables were still nice and crisp, the broth was not too spicy or salty and the combination of hokkien noodles (one of my favourite noodles) and vermicelli noodles were just perfect me.

2016-02-12 Laksa King (10)Seafood Laksa $18.50
Scallop, calamari, king prawn, fish fillet

A more popular dish among the older generation and seafood lovers, the broth in the seafood laksa was not too different to the vegetarian one. The main noticeable difference between the two would be the lack of vegetables and the addition of seafood.

2016-02-12 Laksa King (11)Prawn dumpling noodle soup $14.50

I tried to discourage my colleague from ordering wonton noodle soup at a Laksa restaurant because who orders fried rice at a Pho restaurant right? But she insisted on wanting to try their prawn wonton noodle soup because it was her all time favourite dish in the world. The verdict? The broth is tasty and the prawn dumplings are nice and full. It’s not oily and the overall balance of elements of noodles to dumplings to spinach is good. Its nice, but homemade is so much better.

2016-02-12 Laksa King (1)

We found that despite ordering three different Laksa bowls, the stock soup pretty much tasted the same except for whatever else was added to it, for example the seafood of chicken. The vegetarian laksa had the most mild and mellow taste while the others were a tad spicier. Service in general was pretty quick from placing our orders to getting our meals and staff friendly and helpful in explaining certain dishes and accommodating for one of the girls who could not handle spicy food very well.

Considering its great location near the cinemas, the convenience and overall tastiness, I will definitely be coming back here again.

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