Having just opened its glass doors in the midst of an increasing saturated cafe market in Melbourne, Matcha Mylkbar brings something new to the table with their completely vegan menu. Located just on the end of Acland St in St Kilda, the vegan cafe has positioned itself to target the health conscious and ethical diners alike with a selection plant based alternatives your typical breakfast such as “bacon” and “eggs” on toast.

2016-04-06 Matcha Mylkbar (1)

Le friend and I visited the Matcha Mylkbar just only a week after they opened, which is about three weeks ago from today. We had the pleasure of being seated immediately on a rainy Wednesday morning at around 11:15am, despite the fact that the cafe was already quite busy. We had probably taken the last available table at that moment. It wasn’t long before people were starting to line up outside for a table approaching lunch time.

2016-04-06 Matcha Mylkbar (3b)Mango and lychee matcha latte $7.00

Served in a miso sized like bowl of a cup, this mango and lychee matcha latte was more matcha than mango or lycee. A subtle sweet scent was noticeable while I was taking a sip of the latte. Apart from that, I could not taste mango or lychee nor detect any distinct mango or lychee aromas from the drink. It was good for a matcha latte, but a little underwhelming if you were expecting a whiff or taste of the tropical fruits.

2016-04-06 Matcha Mylkbar (4)Mushroom & black bean tacos, bocconcini, blackened corn,spinach, cauliflower cream $18

Soft and tangy little tacos, served with a generous amount of lime. These were a delight to eat as they were refreshingly light. Not quite substantial enough as a meal on its own, I would recommend you order some sides or a smoothie to help keep you satiated.

2016-04-06 Matcha Mylkbar (5)Soy chicken burger served in a matcha bun with a side of sweet potato fries $20

Matcha Mylkbar’s soy chicken burger holds its own as a good quality “chicken fillet” burger. The matcha green bun was soft with an ever slight bitterness which you can hard taste in contrast to the umami flavours coming from the mushroom bacon and beetroot kraut. The cashew sour cream along with the almond butter pulled all the elements of the burger together so well that I wouldn’t consider touching another real chicken burger if I could help it. My first soy meat burger and I loved it, and so did my friend.

2016-04-06 Matcha Mylkbar (7a)

Now we couldn’t leave without at least trying their trademarked vegan egg.

2016-04-06 Matcha Mylkbar (7b)A extra side of vegan egg $3.00

Just look at that gooey creaminess oozing out from the centre just like a poached egg, but not quite. The coconut agar like jelly encasing was creamy and the gooey centre, a sweetly spiced sweet potato puree mix. It does not taste at all like a poached egg, due to its subtle sweetness, but it does still make for a good alternative if you were looking for something that looked remotely similar. The bacon mushroom in the burger on the other hand, which is something you can also have on toast was really good. A little chewy in texture and full of umami flavours.

2016-04-06 Matcha Mylkbar (8)

At the time we had visited Matcha Mylkbar, the cafe served only a proportion from its full menu for which not everything was available for order. As such we were a little disappointed in not being able to try their impastas, particularly their pumpkin gnocchi. It also made us all the more determined to come back another day to try some of their other dishes as well.

Considering how busy they tend to become during peak lunch times and weekends, I’ll be keen to come back later at another awkward time of the day to work my way through their menu. I would love know what an iced matcha latte would taste like and everything else in fact. Definitely worth a visit vegan or not.

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