From the outside, The Newmarket Hotel doesn’t look like much when you first walk past it. The interior however, is a whole different story. Walking into the Newmarket hotel, I was blown away by the beautiful industrial like indoor dining area which leads to an open courtyard like al fresco set up with plenty of refreshing greenery and warm wooden tones against the gray scale concrete and dark steel framing the restaurant bar.

2016-02-26 Newmarket hotel (1)

The girls and I came here one evening after work for a farewell dinner for one of my colleagues. We had a grand evening and enjoyed the food and drinks served by the friendly staff.

2016-02-26 Newmarket hotel (2)Watermelonade $38.00 per pitcher
Pisco, vanilla, lemon, watermelon & fresh mint

The night started off with a couple of refreshing light drinks. A mix of a not too sweet watermelon and lemonade drink  with a hint of alcohol is sure to put anyone in a happy mood.

2016-02-26 Newmarket hotel (3)Guacamole with pico de gallo, plaintain chips and corn chips $14.00

2016-02-26 Newmarket hotel (6)Bravas $10.00

Roasted potatoes with some corn chips and guacamole dip, help curbed our hunger while we each waited for our main meals.

2016-02-26 Newmarket hotel (4)20hr BBQ Smoked Brisket with cider chipotle slaw and hot vinegar sauce $28.00

Not too dry, the smoked brisket was cooked well through. Tasted better than it looks.

2016-02-26 Newmarket hotel (5b)Field mushroom, barley and chestnut risotto with black truffle cream and sage $28.00

Beautifully presented and delicious to boot, but not as substantial as I would have liked.

2016-02-26 Newmarket hotel (7)Beef burger  220g dry aged beef patty with jack cheese and seasonal pickles $25.00

2016-02-26 Newmarket hotel (8)Wood roasted chicken with leeks, asparagus, corn, smoked bacon and summer leaves $35.00

Very generous servings here with perfectly cooked chicken, some greens and not much else. It would have been nice if the dish was more balanced overall with either more greens or a grain or starch to accompany the chicken.

2016-02-26 Newmarket hotel (10)400g grass fed rib fillet $40.00

2016-02-26 Newmarket hotel (11)Baked sweet potato with jalapeno and queso fresco $10.00

I ordered this baked sweet potato after finding my risotto to be less than filling and was disapoint that the potato was served cold and not warm as I had hoped. It still tasted good, however I’m not personally a fan of cold roasts.

2016-02-26 Newmarket hotel (12)Vahrhona single origin chocolate cazuela with pears, hazelnut and salted caramel (for 2) $28.00

A very decadent dessert that is sure to satisfy the sweet teeth of at least two dessert lovers. The pudding like dish is very rich and combination of warm salted caramel with vanilla ice cream and poached pears is not something you can really say no to. It was the best thing that was ordered that night, followed by the roast chicken and risotto.

The Newmarket hotel is too far from what I live for me to come back regularly and its location on Inkerman St in St Kilda isn’t positioned in the most ideal location to access by car at 6pm for a early night feed. However, I can definitely see the potential of the establishment as a place to do some very laid back wining and dining either with friends and family, because the set feels just like something you only wished you had in your backyard. Staff service was on point and although priced a little more than what I’m used to paying, the food was very nice.

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