Formerly known as Fasta Pasta, Zingara’s Kitchen is the new face of the Fasta Pasta chain of restaurants.The restaurant is pretty much managed by the same people, however the look of the brand has changed with some improvements to the menu. It was difficult to notice any changes as I have never been to a Fasta Pasta restaurant before so I can’t really tell you much more what the differences were.

2016-03-10 Zingara's Kitchen (1)

Le Boy and I came here one Tuesday evening with pasta cravings. Now I am someone who normally prefers to make their own pastas because, often or not it’s much healthier and tastes better, but Le Boy really wanted to check this place out, even just once. The restaurant was pretty quiet during dinner time and we were given the option to make ourselves comfortable anywhere really.

2016-03-10 Zingara's Kitchen (3)Garlic ciabatta bread

2016-03-10 Zingara's Kitchen (4)Gnocchi modena $15.90

This bite sized little potato gnocchi gems were a delight to eat. The creamy sauce with sun dried tomatoes, garlic and basil were a lovely combination mix. The sauce was delicious and definitely something I’ll be sure to replicate at home. I was a little disappointed with only have three pieces of broccoli though, while the chicken was served in very large chunks, whereas it would have been better to have then served, sliced into the same bite sized pieces as the gnocchi.

2016-03-10 Zingara's Kitchen (5)Zingara’s signature pasta dish $17.90

Served with a generous portion of chicken breast and marinated prawns, this fettucini creamy carbonara like dish was unfortunately quite flavourless. I don’t quite understand how this was considered to be a signature dish, as there was nothing particularly special about it.

2016-03-10 Zingara's Kitchen (6b)Lasagne Al Forno $14.90

The lasagne tasted like exactly like what you would expect from ready to bake tray but with some extra cheese and sauce. I won’t lie, there’s some great food court lasagne out there that tastes really good for a fraction of the price. This lasagne al forno was quite average.

Overall, I would certainly come back for the gnocchi and perhaps to try some of their other dishes, but beyond that, I’d be more keen to try making my own pasta dishes at home.

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