What happens when you’re craving from a steamed bao from Wonderbao and it’s just too far away for you to travel to? If you’re like me and you love eating the open steamed bao, traveling all the way to RMIT university in the CBD is a bit of a farfetched idea when you’re living as far away from the city as Springvale. I mean, no craving is worth that much (even though that’s how I discovered the world Wonderbao to begin with).

Fear not, because I have found a good alternative to the wonders of bao at O-Bun in in the Prahan shopping centre food court. This place is a little gem, and if they had positioned their store at a better location somewhere along Chapel St or its intersecting streets, I believe O-Bun would attract more customers to its store.

2016-05-03 O-bun (2)

It was pretty quiet when I had arrived here on a Tuesday afternoon, just after the busy lunch hour. I had already eaten lunch but since I was in the area, really wanted to check this place out.

2016-05-03 O-bun (1)

O-bun has a decent selection of steamed baos to choose from, including a small range of rice boxes to take away. The first thing I noticed about O-Bun, was how much cheaper their steamed baos were compared to Wonderbao. Wonderbao sells their baos for $4.00-5.00 whereas O-Bun offers theirs for bargain at $3.9 except for the Creeper bun which is $4.50.

2016-05-03 O-bun (3)The sweet BJ $3.90
Deep fried bun with Ben and Jerry’s flavour of the day ice cream

I could not help but to try one of these. When placing my order, I was advised to eat this immediately as the ice cream would melt. No problems, my friend.

Served with strawberries and cream ice cream drizzled with a bit of condensed milk, the sweet BJ tastes vaguely like eating banana fritters with ice cream without the banana flavour. The crispiness of the bao is really spot and the warmth from the deep fried bao in contrast to the melting cold ice cream is just delightful to the taste buds.

2016-05-03 O-bun (4)To’bun $3.90
Fried silken tofu with pickled mustard, coriander, crushed peanuts and hoisin sauce

This was absolutely delicious. The soft fried silken tofu and steamed bao bun perfectly soaks up the hoisin sauce. Coupled that with some crushed nuts and coriander to spice things up a bit, you get a nice combination of saucy, crunchy and creamy texture goodness.

I can only express my love for O-bun as the best alternative to Wonderbao outside of the city. If you’re in the area and love your steamed bao like I do, then I highly recommend coming here. I would love to try their home made soy milk (which I had entirely forgot at the time), give their rice boxes a go and even the fries. Although service was a little slow for what is essentially fast food, I really do hope they get more customers, because I would be shattered if they had to close down because business was not picking up. Definitely worth more than the 3 out of 5 rating its currently at on Zomato. You’ve got to check them out.

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