What I loved most about this place as I stepped in, was the beautiful piece of art work on the wall (featured below). Unfortunately in terms of style, it is the only redeeming feature of this restaurant. Everything appears to be average and the lighting quite dark (and red). It seemed pretty quiet for a Saturday night when we came here to eat, however the traffic on the way to the restaurant was anything but quiet.

2016-07-02 Moo Chi Fusion (1)

If you can get here early enough before 6 pm, you’d still be able to find some parking sports in the side streets. Trying to find a place to park on a Saturday night from 7 pm onwards around Fitzroy, however, could almost make anyone want go back home.

2016-07-02 Moo Chi Fusion (2)Lobak (vegetarian 4pcs)  $9.00
Cabbage, carrot, black fungus rolled in beancurd skin served with homemade mayonnaise

These lobak were delicious. It reminded me of vegetarian spring rolls but instead of being wrapped with spring roll pastry the filling is wrapped with bean curd instead.

2016-07-02 Moo Chi Fusion (3)Kway teow $16.00
Flat rice noodle stir fried with lap cheong, fish cakes, prawn, bean sprouts and onion with sambal and dark soy sauce

Not bad for a char kway teow dish. It contained all the essential components which makes it good without being too oily. The nooddles were cooked and seasoned well and it is certainly one of the better char kway teow I’ve had.

2016-07-02 Moo Chi Fusion (4)Beef rendang $18.00
Indonesian style stewed beef in rich coconut cream, tamarind sauce and dessicated coconut

Since I am not a fan of beef I didn’t really try this dish. My friends however thought that it was good and commented on how tender the beef was.

2016-07-02 Moo Chi Fusion (5)Mama tofu $16.50
Stewed tofu in a Sichuan style spicy chilli and bean paste with spring onion

Before ordering this dish, I had no idea that I had ordered mapo tofu until the dish was served. I was disappointed in myself for having ordered this dish only because I would have preferred to try something different. Nonetheless, the tofu dish was really good but could have been made with a much bigger spice kick.  None of us found it spicy at all.

2016-07-02 Moo Chi Fusion (6)

Between the three of us, we had a good feed. We did end up ordering more roti bread to have with the mama tofu and beef rendang when we ran out of rice. Food came out in the a timely manner and service was friendly and attentive.

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