I did not come to Aqua S with high expectations, as I generally do not have high expectations of soft serve ice cream at all. How can soft serve be that amazing, I mean really. After passing it many times and accompanying other people to go buy the popular dessert snack, I found myself trying it one day. I had the sea salt and English breakfast tea swirl with a marshmallow (strategically skewered into my come by a chocolate Pocky stick) and an egg roll biscuit. And you know what, I found myself pleasantly surprised by how nice it was. It was not too sweet (which was my main concern) and the black cone waffle was nice and crisp. The soft serve itself was smooth but not too creamy, otherwise it would have been sickening. My friend at the at the time ordered the sea salt and rose and she loved it as well. Both flavours were refreshingly subtle and just really really nice.

2016-06-25 Aqua S

At Aqua S, they not the most efficient in the way they serve customers nor is the ‘cash only’ sign doing any good to help with the flow either. After finally giving them a chance (because I was tempted to knock it before I tried it). I must say that I’m glad I didn’t knock it entirely and would very much likely to recommend others to drop by and try them out. They also change their flavours every once and a while so that will give me another incentive to come back and see what they’re up to.

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