Dr Morse Bar and Eatery is positioned near the railway way track bridge, just a stone’s throw away from Victoria Park station. It was a great spot to fuel up before my friend and I started our Pokemon Go hunt. You would think that I was kidding, but I’m not. I’m still playing it and going strong.¬†

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The cafe, bar or eatery has a nice old school feel to it. From the small blue tiles lined along the bottom of their framed windows, to the stained glass patterned look and brick walls, creates an industrialized modern but vintage dining setting.

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We arrived at around 11:30am on a Tuesday morning and it didn’t look too busy. Staff were friendly and everything was pretty laid back.

Dr Morse boasts a modern Australian/Asian fusion/Korean inspired menu. Prices were generally reasonable for the quality and portion of food served.

2016-07-11 Dr Morse Eatery & Bar (4)Vegan ma po tofu with stir fried mushrooms, greens, herbs and nuts on roti $18.00
+ son in law egg $3.00

Although I was expecting something along the lines of saucy hot mapo tofu without meat, this salad like combination did just as well. Served with a generous helping of herbs to give the ‘mapo tofu’ salad a good kick, I was glad to have added the son in law egg because the egg yolk just pulled everything together so nicely. Using roti to eat wth salad is a creative idea as I’m normally more accustomed to having it with Indian curry. Nonetheless a great dish and I was one very satisfied customer.

2016-07-11 Dr Morse Eatery & Bar (5)Charcoal chicken with chips, slaw and gravy $21.00

Looking better than it tasted, my friend found the charcoal chicken dish good. The chips, slaw and gravy were really nice and I liked how they presented the dish. How you got to have your own little gravy pot.

2016-07-11 Dr Morse Eatery & Bar (6)

Word of advice. When coming to cafes with an Asian inspired menu, please I would urge people to try out the dishes that are a little different from the rest. Those unique dishes is what makes the cafe different from the others. Overall, Dr Morse Bar and Eatery was a good place to eat, sit back, chill and relax. Would definitely visit them more often if they weren’t so far away from where I live.

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