Le Boy and I was in the area one night looking for some place local to have dinner. It’s been a few years to say the least since I last dined at Hodori Korean Garden. I always have a thing for visiting new places. As such, it’s rare for me to visit the same place twice. I found myself pleasantly surprised by the service and generosity of side dishes available for free. Having dined in a number of other Korean restaurants where side dishes are lacking or non existent, it was refreshing to have a selection of six side dishes (or banchan) to help yourself from.

2016-08-12 Hodori Korean Garden (4)Vegan bibimbap $15.50
Mixed vegetables (carrots, beansprouts, woodeared fungus, mushroom, zuchinni, nori, beancurd) in a stone pot

I was pleasantly surprised to find how accommodating staff were in preparing a vegan stonepot bibimbap for me. I asked for no meat or eggs and they were more than happy to supply a generous amount and mix of vegetables at no extra cost. Hodori Korean Garden has become one of my favourite places to have bibimbap.

2016-08-12 Hodori Korean Garden (2)Japchae $16.50
Sweet potato rice noodles and pork in sweet and sour sauce with assorted vegetables

Hodori does a great job when it comes to serving a balanced portion of noodles, meat and vegetables in their japchae. Normally when ordering japchae at other restaurants, noodles are mainly served with not much else. Personally, I’m fond of the sweet and sour sauce in the japchae but Le Boy didn’t mind at all.

2016-08-12 Hodori Korean Garden (3) As I mentioned earlier, we had six side dishes to go with our little meal. This turned our simple little dinner into a simple little feast for two. Food comes out quickly so you don’t have to wait long. The restaurant however, only accepts cash so you might just have to make sure you have some on you before coming up. It can get quite busy during peak dinner times towards the end of the week as well. I would suggest to make a booking just to be on the safe side, especially if you have traveled a fair way to get here.

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