I thought that Nene Chicken was similar to Gami Chicken. Boy was I wrong. The place does not even compare. Nene Chicken is like your Korean fast food version of Kentucky Fried Chicken, except not as good. The space at the Box Hill Central location area is very small with only a limited number of seats. Food is ordered and paid at the counter.

2016-08-17 Nene Chicken (1)

2016-08-17 Nene Chicken (2)Snow vegetable chicken large (8pcs) $19.95 as a regular combo (chips option) +4.95

Personally, I find the prices for the chicken at Nene Chicken to be more expensive that I had anticipated. However, I did like how they offer a range of seasonings to choose from. I also liked the fact that the chicken comes with a couple side dishes such as pickled radish and slaw.

It was disappointing however to discover that they did not offer any type of sauces at all, not even for the chips. What makes Nene Chicken stand out from its competitors are the range of seasonings they have on offer. The snow vegetable seasoning in particular is very nice. The fried chicken itself is average.

2016-08-17 Nene Chicken (3)Kimchi chicken tenderloin with bulgolgi and ranch sauce in multigrain wrap $8.95

2016-08-17 Nene Chicken (4)

Apart from the fried chicken, I also ordered a kimchi chicken wrap. As nice as it sounded, execution was poor. The chicken in the warp was squashed down at the base of the wrap.  The wrap was very soggy with the only redeeming feature was that they used a multi grain wrap. By the end of it, I could only manage to finish the rest of it with a fork and knife as because it was coming apart and dripping all over the place. It didn’t taste all that nice either.

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