I had come to Shimbu with great expectations. When I see a place advertised all over my social media pages as a suggested place to go, I expect a great many things. I came here with some friends on a Tuesday evening in June and the first things we noticed was that the place was both quiet and understaffed wtih only one person working on the floor. When my friends and I had arrived at 7:30pm at the time of our booking, there was no one to greet us.

2016-06-21 Shimbu Tibetan (1)

When finally seated (by someone random we flagged down), a menu was not provided. It wasn’t until when someone came to take our order before they realized that we had not been given anything to order from.

2016-06-21 Shimbu Tibetan (2)

We had asked for water but did not receive it until I walked up to the counter to ask for it a second time. Service was slow and restaurant policy how you could not order something felt unjustified.

2016-06-21 Shimbu Tibetan (3)

I’ll tell you what I mean by starting with the tsel momos. With the tsel momos, you can choose either steamed or fried tsel momos. It costs $6.90 for 4 pcs and $13.90 for 10 pcs. I had to order 4 pcs fried and 4 pcs steamed because they could not do 10 pcs half steamed and half fried. No particular reason given except that it was restaurant policy. I was not pleased.

2016-06-21 Shimbu Tibetan (4)Steamed tsel momos (4pcs) $6.90

2016-06-21 Shimbu Tibetan (5)Fried tsel momos (4pcs) $6.90

2016-06-21 Shimbu Tibetan (6)Pork belly soft tacos (2pcs) $9.90
Mildly spiced pork belly with white radish, carrot, tomato and kewpie mayo on pan fried roti

2016-06-21 Shimbu Tibetan (7)Shimbu fried chicken (SFC) $14.90
Boneless chicken pieces served with sweet chili mayo and chilli sauce

2016-06-21 Shimbu Tibetan (8)Beef fried noodles $12.90

2016-06-21 Shimbu Tibetan (9)Luksha – Lamb curry $14.90

Everything else we ordered was at best good, except for the pork belly soft shell tacos which were the highlight of the evening. The fried chicken was a bit dry and the beef fried noodles were pretty ordinary. The lamb curry was just so so.

2016-06-21 Shimbu Tibetan (10)Tofu bedhai with extra vegetables $14.90 + 2.00

When it came to the vegetable curry, we had yet another problem with ordering. Now, their bedhai curry with coconut milk and vegetable curry options are chicken, vegetables, tofu or calamari. If you order the tofu, you do not get any vegetables (apparently) while if you order the vegetables there is no tofu. There is no such thing as a tofu and vegetables option unless you added it as an extra ingredient.

Our waiter suggested that we order the tofu curry with extra vegetables (for an extra cost of $2). When the dish came out, I found myself faced with a bowl filled with more tofu, than any solid evidence of ‘extra’ vegetables. If I had not asked for extra vegetables, would they have served a coconut curry with tofu only? At this point, I had already decided that I was probably never going to come back. So I guess I’ll never find out.

2016-06-21 Shimbu Tibetan (11)

I did not enjoy my experience at Shimbu Tibetan, if it had not been for my friends. Considering how far we traveled and how much I was looking forward to come here, it just wasn’t worth it. The food is pretty average in general and there’s a lot to improve with the service, newly opened, family owned restaurant or not.

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