Supernormal is a modern Japanese and Asian fusion restaurant located on Flinders Lane, just around the corner from Brunetti’s on Swanston St. To me, the place was generally overpriced and not worth the wait. I know that I’m making a bold statement here, but hear me out. I would like to also mention that I have nothing against the staff that evening, as they were wonderful throughout. Unfortunately, for them, I was expecting mind blowing fantastic food that everyone had talked about. I did not find that here. It is not to say that everything was bad. It wasn’t all bad, but it wasn’t that good either. The few dishes that did stand out are worth mentioning, but not worth raving about.

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As for the wait? It seemed like the food was slowly being drip fed to us, one plate of food at a time. An hour after being served a series of entrees and random dishes with a generous amount of breathing space in between, our mains were still no where in sight. We  were all starting to get frustrated, but before we blew the gasket, the mains started to arrive in full force.

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In this post, I will post everything we ordered that night with some comments how we felt about each dish in general.

2016-08-21 Supernormal (2)Marinated mushrooms, yuzukosho and silken tofu $16.00

This was very nice as I love mushrooms and tofu. It would have been better served along with the mains and some rice though. The marinade was perfectly balanced.

2016-08-21 Supernormal (4)New England lobster roll $16.00

A tasty, but very overpriced for two slices of lobster meat on a tiny buttered roll. Not at all worth the price tag, but at least it was good.

2016-08-21 Supernormal (5)Pan fried spicy beef bun $8.00

Tasty like a little beef pie pizza pocket. Still a little over priced, but $8.00 is still acceptable compared to the lobster roll.

2016-08-21 Supernormal (6)Vegetable dumplings (6pc) $12.00

These tasted okay, but I’ve had better dumplings at local dumpling houses.

2016-08-21 Supernormal (7)Prawn and chicken dumplings with chili and vinegar sauce (6pc) $15.00

These were alright, and definitely better than the vegetable dumplings.

2016-08-21 Supernormal (8)Pan friend potsticker dumpings (5ps) $14.00

Tastiest dumplings of the batch.

2016-08-21 Supernormal (9)Greens with black beans (or black pepper sauce) $10.00

One of the dishes done to perfection.

2016-08-21 Supernormal (10)Pan roasted whole flounder, burnt butter, potato and saltbush $35.00

A tasty fish, cooked well and easy to eat. The favourite side of the fish was actually the bottom side as it was softer.

2016-08-21 Supernormal (11)Slow cooked Schezhuan lamb to share, served with spring onion pancake and coriander paste. $39.00

The lamb was impeccably tender and the spicy curry like sauce was just so good compared to everything else we’d eaten so far that night. It was the most solid plate of delicious food.

2016-08-21 Supernormal (12)

The spring onion pancakes were divine.

2016-08-21 Supernormal (14)Peanut butter parfait, salted caramel and soft chocolate $15.00

The first mouthful was good. It was like a gooey snickers bar. But the more we had it, the more we started comparing it to the one at Spice Temple. The Spice Temple one is much better as nice as this was. You could say that with this dish, the salted caramel and the proportions made it quite sickly sweet after a while, whereas the one served at Spice Temple just makes it that much easier to eat.

2016-08-21 Supernormal (15)Soft meringue, sheep’s milk yoghurt, apple and shiso $16.00

All of us only liked parts of this dessert. A friend and I liked the apple and shiso like granita, while another was really digging into the yoghurt. The sour cream cheese/yoghurt like taste underneath all the apple and shiso was not to my liking personally.

2016-08-21 Supernormal (16)Fried custard drizzled over with ginger syrup $12.00

What tasted like a banana fritter in the split second at first bite from the light batter, came a strange saltiness that did not appease anyone’s taste buds. It was salty, squishy (of course, because it’s custard) and all round just really weird.

2016-08-21 Supernormal (17)Spice pear and ginger pudding with vanilla cream $16.00

It was the safest, most edible and all round most favourable dessert of the evening. Taste even better with a bit of the peanut butter parfait, but it was still good on its own.

2016-08-21 Supernormal (18)

We paid almost the same amount per head here as we did at Spice Temple a couple of weeks ago and it just did not compare. I mean, we weren’t entirely surprised but the dining experience and food was just so distinctly different. At Spice Temple, we almost threw ourselves at nearly everything we ate. Here, we were struggling to finish some of the the dishes as to not waste food.

To be honest, my overall experience at Supernormal was just plain underwhelming. We were frustrated by how long we had to wait for food to come out. The food with an exception of a few dishes were quite average. My advice in coming is to just stick to the signature mains or the more popular dishes. Don’t bother with the ones you can easily order anywhere else (ahem, wonton like dumplings). Otherwise, I daresay I won’t be hurrying back any time soon.

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