An amazing restaurant for your good old Chinese/Malaysian style cuisine. Although it may appear that they have meat on their menu, everything here is vegetarian and can be made vegan. I cannot recall the countless times I have driven past this restaurant with the intention of checking them out. After having been here a couple of times, I don’t know why I didn’t come earlier. Vegie Bowl has easily become of my go to places for vegetarian and vegan Chinese food. Imagine enjoying all your favourite dishes made vegetarian or vegan. I love that it’s pretty close to home compared to lets say Fitzroy and I am proud to fully support this little restaurant.

2016-07-05 Vegie Bowl Restaurant (1)

Service at Vegie bowl is great. Staff are very considerate of their customer having suggesting my partner and I move to another spot so that we wouldn’t be too cold.

In this post I have just compiled a collection of dishes I have ordered across my two visits to this restaurant. First of all, everything so far was really good. I’ve yet to try their ‘prawns, fish and seafood’ dishes, so I can’t vouch for those just yet but I can’t wait to try them one day.

2016-07-05 Vegie Bowl Restaurant (8)Satay skewers

These crispy satay skewers were really good. They tasted like mix between mince chicken and prawn meat even though they did not contain either of those ingredients.

2016-07-05 Vegie Bowl Restaurant (2)Mixed mushroom claypot

2016-07-05 Vegie Bowl Restaurant (3)Black pepper slice beef

2016-07-05 Vegie Bowl Restaurant (4)Sweet and sour pork

2016-07-05 Vegie Bowl Restaurant (5)

I absolutely loved the mixed mushroom clay pot dish. I loved how they were generous with the amount of mushrooms and the abundant mix as well. Both the meat dishes came with a generous amount of vegetables which is great because this saves me from ordering an extra vegetable side dish.

The black pepper beef dish was spot on with the sauce and flavours. The texture of the soy based protein ‘meat’ came pretty close in texture to tenderized meat. The sweet and sour pork on the other hand could have fooled Le Boy, if I had not told him that there was not meat.

2016-07-05 Vegie Bowl Restaurant (6)Lychee with ice cream

2016-07-05 Vegie Bowl Restaurant (7)Mango sago coconut milk

2016-07-05 Vegie Bowl Restaurant (9)Banana fritter and ice cream

After dinner on both occasions, we tried a range of desserts. Depending on what your preferences are, you may find some the desserts a bit of a hit or miss. For example, the lycee with ice cream and the mango sago coconut milk were nice (but not extraordinary). Both were light and not to heavy. The banana fritter on the other hand, was really nice. I liked how the banana was coated in a thin crispy batter as opposed to thick ones served at some restaurants.

Overall, I would highly recommend vegetarians out there to check them out especially if you live in the South East suburbs of Melbourne. I’ve been told that Vegie Hut in Boxhill is pretty good as well, so I might check them out sometime as well.

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