Mopho Canteen quickly became one of my favourite places for pho when I discovered vegan pho on their menu. Not only do they do a damn good aromatic bowl of pho, the servings are generous and prices reasonable considering that we’re talking about St Kilda east here. This place has got my Vietnamese seal of approval. I have been here twice already and would have been back many more times if only they were a little closer to home. 2016-07-13-mopho-canteen-1




It’s lovely to see that when ordering a bowl of pho, Mopho provides a generous plate of the typical garnishes you would expect to see in a Vietnamese establish. The only thing missing are some fresh chillies (not for everyone) culantro. Here you have the Thai basil, beansprouts and a couple of wedges of lemon.

There’s also Siracha on the tables, chilli oil and hoisin sauce.

2016-07-13-mopho-canteen-5Chicken wings with Siracha mayo and coriander $13.00

The chicken wings were really good. They were slightly drizzle in a sweet soy sauce like sauce for a bit of an extra kick. Definitely one of the best fried chicken wings I’ve had in a while.

2016-07-13-mopho-canteen-6Salt and pepper tofu, green papaya, fresh herbs, perilla, crispy bits, peanut and lime salad $16.00

An amazing salad! Very strong on the flavours with the sour lime and fish sauce dressing. A perfect salad dish for sharing as it is quite substantial. The salad is best eaten accompanied with some other food as the taste is quite strong on its own.

2016-07-13-mopho-canteen-7Pho chay i.e. vegetarian pho $12.00
Vegan broth, mushroom, tofu, bok choy

The best (and only) vegan pho I have ever had. Soup was delicious on its own and the bowl was filled generously (all the other missing garnishes), tofu, mushroom and vegetables. One bowl will certainly fill you right up and leave you feeling very satisfied. It’s the only place for pho where I completely clean the bowl out. No joke. I haven’t been to Good Days yet to try their version, but for the time being I can make do with this.

2016-07-13-mopho-canteen-8Pho ga – i.e. chicken pho $12.00

Le Boy who has come here with me on both occasions really enjoys their chicken pho. Despite how small the bowl might look, there is a lot of things in there. The chicken broth is a bit deeper in flavour due to the meat, but the vegan broth has a rich umami flavour with a slight sweetness to it.


For pho far away from the Vietnamese suburbs, Mopho Canteen is the place to be for a modern twist on Vietnamese cuisine and a damn good bowl of pho. Did I mention that they do some mean sweet potato fries as well? Yep, there’s another reason for you to check them out. In fact, writing about it now makes me want to go back there again.

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