Walk, don’t run to this cafe, just in case you miss it. No seriously, we almost did. Walk Don’t Run is a cafe located just on the north side of Armadale station. It’s a difficult area to access by car and you’d have to park on the south side of the railway and cross the walk bridge to get there.


The first thing I’d like to mention is that the place is very small. There is only a limited number of seats inside and half of their seating capacity is spread between indoors and outdoors. Outdoor seating is covered with some shade but it can still get quite cold.

The food

2016-08-13-walk-dont-run-3Savoury rice porridge $17.00
w/broccoli, tofu, ginger, chili, soy sauce + coriander, cooked in kombu stock and served with crispy shallots and a poached egg

I would have never thought to try congee (savoury rice porridge) at a cafe. But you know what, I did and it was really good. For the cool weather that we had and my need for comfort food strong, I could not have ordered anything more perfect. Just don’t expect it to be as soupy as your typical Asian bowl of congee. If anything, it’s consistency is slightly more like a bowl of softly cooked oats. The nice contrast in textures between the rice and the crispy shallots kept the dish fun to eat while the poached egg and soy sauce drizzled around the edges kept me digging in for more.

2016-08-13-walk-dont-run-4Super food breakfast $23.00
w/kale, broccoli, allspice pumpkin, barley, green chili + pepitas on house made life loaf with cottage cheese and poached eggs

Alternatively my friend tried this instead and absolutely loved the life loaf. The salad was good as well but compared to the savoury rice porridge as a dish in general, the savoury rice porridge wins.


Overall, my friend and I enjoyed our lunch here. Even though it was a little cosy, the place had a nice quiet and calm feel to it. Walk Don’t Run offers a limited menu, however, for a lack of options they do offer a few interesting items worth coming back for.

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