I…love this place. Absolutely adore it. From their interior layout to their dining set up, from their menu to their service and friendly staff (literally everything). It was love at first sight at Deko Boko, a cute and modern Japanese cafe on Swan St, Richmond.I really enjoyed my first experience here and can’t wait to come back as I am writing this.

At the cafe, they serve coffees and cakes, sandwiches, curries, rice dishes, ramen, even tapas food which you can have with some wine and beer if you please.


They serve such an interesting mix of items that you can’t help wonder how they came up with such a unique combination. I had arrived at Deko Boko in Richmond one afternoon after a tough week of uni looking for something comforting to eat and a place to do some study. At the time when I had arrived (which was around 2pm) the place was quietening down and the northward facing shop was still brightly light by the natural light.



2016-08-17-deko-boko-8Matcha apple ginger drink 7.00

I ordered one of their unique Matcha Booster drinks with apple and ginger and it was one of the best tasting drinks I had ever had. It was refreshing, light and not too sweet.

2016-08-17-deko-boko-10bSignature vegetable curry $11.80

A beautifully presented Japanese curry served with a shovel spoon and fork. I loved how they mixed in a bit of red rice grains into the white rice. The crispy lotus root chips served nicely as a garnish to rich Japanese curry. Deko Boko has become my favourite place to go for a vegetable Japanese curry.

2016-08-17-deko-boko-12bMatcha raspberry shortcake 7.00

And last but not least, we have dessert. With everything being a highlight of its own so far, I had to stay long enough to try at least one of their desserts. They just had so many I wanted to try. After chatting to one of the friendly waiters, I was recommended to have the matcha raspberry shortcake. Since there was none left on display, the pastry chef on site prepared a fresh slice for me. I love the use of fruits in any kind of dessert and when I saw how plump, fresh and sweet the strawberry, blueberry and grape was cutely place, I fell in love with the little sweet package. As for the taste? It was just divine.

If it isn’t already, I’ve fallen head over heels over this cute little Japanese cafe and would come more often if it was closer to home. I certainly can’t wait to visit them again soon sometime in the next few weeks after all my major assessments for uni are done.

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4 thoughts on “Deko Boko”

  1. I’ll say that I enjoyed the food whilst there and they also do have beer. Have you been to Tokyo table? If so what do you think? I have been there and whilst the BBQ looks fun the other food was just ok

    1. Glad you think so as well. I haven’t been to Tokyo Table but judging from the menu but judging from the menu, photos and your opinion, it doesn’t look like a place I’d be in a hurry to check out. I’m not big on Japanese BBQ when there’s KBBQ.

  2. I like the food there as well. The food and drinks are nice and delicious. If you like Deko Boko than you should try Kyoto Cafe in Eastland shopping centre. It has same owner ( confirm with the owner when asking about the same Matcha Boot otherthere). The one in Eastland will give you more options. BTW dont look for the informations on Zomato bc it had none there. It is one of my favoured, maybe u will not disappoint ( try Matcha Prafait)

    1. Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll check it out next time I’m at Eastland shopping centre. Thanks for the heads up lol, I was just about to look them up on Zomato.

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