Opened just a few weeks ago, Fusion Hotpot and BBQ brings together family and friends for an all you can eat experience sushi train style. Choose to have either hot pot for just $43.80 (Mon-Thurs)/$46.80 (Fri-Sun) or add $5.80 for a grill pan. Fusion Hotpot and BBQ is located in Southbank on City Rd away from the city centre. Although there is no designated parking spot, there is plenty of parking in the area on the smaller streets. The place is well positioned close enough for a walk from those who work south of the Yarra River and not too close that driving there from the South Eastern suburbs is too much of a hassle. 2016-11-15-fusion-hotpot-and-bbq-1 2016-11-15-fusion-hotpot-and-bbq-2

If you’ve ever been to FOF Rotary Hotpot, the concept is pretty much the same except that Fusion Hotpot and BBQ does it way better. Seating is much more comfortable and adequately spaced.


The selection of seafood is impressive as well as the fresh ingredients for on the food train. There’s also freshly made pancakes for dessert as well as Asian che (liquid desserts/puddings).


I came here to with some friends to celebrate my finishing my last exam and everything was great. The staff were friendly and very helpful. For some, English was not their first language, however they did everything they could to accommodate our table. When ordering your hotpot, you can choose from 5-6 different flavoured stocks. These include Tom Yum, sweet and sour, mushroom and chicken or miso to name a few. At current there is not time limit on how long you can dine for as they are not that busy yet. And you are low soup, they servers will come to top up for you.



Overall, I highly recommend this place and will definitely be coming back again. At Fusion Hotpot and BBQ we all ate to your heart’s content. Not once were made to feel like we had to leave after a period of time. My friends and I dined from 6pm to 8pm. The only downside I can think of is that at the time we went, they had not received their liquor license yet and so the boy could not enjoy a bottle of beer. Hopefully, they’ll be able to get that sorted soon.

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2 thoughts on “Fusion Hotpot and BBQ”

  1. This place is fantastic, one of my favourite places to visit when I feel like eating myself into a food coma!
    I only wish you guys would let us take home the left over broth from our hot pot instead of wasting it down the sink 🙁

    1. They probably don’t allow it as people would abuse the system. It’s why some places will charge you a fee if you don’t finish all your food to prevent people from grabbing more than they need. It’s all you can eat, not all you can eat and take away unfortunately.
      Otherwise it’s a great place for some good hot pot without the hassle of setting it up at home.

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