When I first heard that there was a Japanese cafe in Melbourne serving up Japanese style brunch and lunch, I got very excited. Kuu Cafe occupies a small place on Park Street in Melbourne. The little cafe is a little far away from the main shops, surrounded by office buildings and houses with only street parking around the area. 


It wasn’t too busy at the time my friend and I came here for lunch on a Thursday. In fact, it was actually pretty quiet. Staff spoke in Japanese to one another and were very welcoming and friendly.


We both ordered the burgers from the menu. The brioche bun was soft and the overall flavour quite nice, however the logistically eating the burger was rather inconvenient as everything would fall out too easily. There were not burgers you could eat with only your hands. We also noted that neither of our chips were crisp, but rather soggy. Well seasoned but soggy and soft.

2016-10-06-kuu-cafe-3Chicken Katsu burger and chips with aonori sprinkle $15.00?
Brioche bun, chicken katsu, lettuce and salad/slaw

My friend found his burger to taste quite nice as a meal poorly as a burger as it fell apart.

2016-10-06-kuu-cafe-4Tofu katsu quinoa burger & chips w/aonori sprinkle  $14.00
Brioche buns, veggie patty, grilled eggplant, Japanese mayo, tomato, lettuce and dengaku miso paste

Again the overall flavours from the dengaku miso paste as a sauce to help pull together the vegetables in a soft brioche bun was great as a concept. Execution was another matter. The deep fried eggplant was dripping in oil and the miso paste too strong and unevenly spread across the burger. Instead of placing it on the veggie patty, it would have been better if the paste was sprea on the bread itself to even distribute the flavours. It would not surprise you either that my burger didn’t hold up on its own.

2016-10-06-kuu-cafe-5Homemade salted caramel crepe with yuzu $15.00

When I ordered the salted caramel crepe with yuzu, I expected either a salted caramel flavoured crepe with yuzu or crepe with yuzu syrup and salted caramel drizzled on top. Now, to be fair the crepe were perfectly cooked, but the mix of flavours were very confusing and overwhelming.

I did not expect to have a plain crepe with dark melted chocolate chips inside as well as a salted caramel cream, topped with vanilla ice cream, drizzled with a yuzu jam or syrup and a slice of orange on the side. For one thin piece of crepe, there was way too many flavours going on. I ended up scooping all the chocolate out because I did not order a Jaffa crepe last I remembered. Yuzu and salted caramel with vanilla cream would have just been fine.

I’ll be honest with you. As much as I would like to say that I’ll be coming back, I won’t. At least, not any time soon. Maybe I’ll come back for the curries and bento boxes, as they have been highly recommended.

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