With so many events happening around the city with night markets and food truck parks. It’s often easy to overlook the local places to eat, but this has never been an issue for Vanilla. Until just a few weeks ago I’ve never been to Vanilla before. Located in the heart of Oakleigh, the restaurant cafe is impressively large. Vanilla has an upstairs and downstairs dining area, both of which are spacious.


As you walk in, you will see the amazing display of cakes, pastries and Greek sweets along the display cabinet as well as biscuits and birthday and wedding cakes.


My friends and I came here one afternoon for lunch. The staff were friendly and accommodating to adjustments to food on the menu. Serving sizes were generous and the food was delicious.

Below are some of the dishes we ordered. I don’t have the prices listed this time because I forgot to take note of them. However for a general idea of how much things cost, you can access the menu from their website here.

2016-10-15-vanilla-1Wild mushroom risotto

2016-10-15-vanilla-2Warm grilled chicken breast and avocado salad with lettuce and cherry tomatoes

2016-10-15-vanilla-3Chicken parmigiana

2016-10-15-vanilla-5Fried calamari with chips (left), scallops (top) and oven baked meatballs (right)

Of course there was no way we could not have desserts when coming to Vanilla. Even though my friends and I were pretty full, we ordered a few of the cakes to share between us.

2016-10-15-vanilla-6Kok (yoyo) – small

2016-10-15-vanilla-7Raspberry cheesecake

2016-10-15-vanilla-8Green tea mango mousse

2016-10-15-vanilla-9Black forest cake

Between all the desserts that we tried that afternoon, my favourite was the green tea mango mousse. It contained two of my favourite things, green tea and mango so it was hands down the clear winner. All their other cakes were freshly made, moist and also delicious. If anything, there was just too much of a good thing.

Overall, I enjoyed my time at Vanilla and will be sure to pay them another visit. I will particularly come back for their cakes to try some of the other ones we didn’t get around to, including some of the Greek pastries.

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