It didn’t take much convincing to visit Three Monkey’s Place after my patient told me that he owned the cafe and showed me the cafe’s Instagram page. One of the best parts for me was that the cafe was no where near the city. Located in Doncaster East, Three Monkey’s Place is but a welcome addition to the little collection of shops in Jackson’s Court. Motivated by the lack of snazzy and hip cafes in the suburbs, the owner’s of Three Monkey’s Place bring to foodies (like me) a selection of delicious and Instagram worthy breakfast and lunch options.


There’s plenty to parking near the cafe as it is located in a shopping district. The cafe itself is not too big and there’s some seating inside the front of the store.


Where Three Monkey’s Place excels in is their little sun room which extends into their courtyard towards the back (and then there’s the great food and lovely presentation).

2016-12-07-three-monkeys-place-4Large cappuccino $4.30

2016-12-07-three-monkeys-place-6Beets and thyme salmon $19
House cured slamon, roquette salad, fennel, horseradish cream cheese, rosti and poached egg

What my friend and I failed to realize when we ordered this was that the salmon would be cured and neither of us enjoy eating cured or raw salmon. Now don’t get me wrong, the dish as you can see is beautifully presented and I’m sure for the salmon lover this would be a wonderful dish to order. As much as I can say that the salmon would have tasted nice for the normal person, we both did not personally like it so it was difficult to for both of us to swallow. The rest of dish on the other hand was great, particularly the rosti.

Worry not reader, we did not waste any food. My friend and I ended up dividing the salmon and the dish in half and just doing out best to disguise the flavour and texture of it with the rosti, cream cheese and the wild shroom dish. We struggled internally for the sake of not wasting any food and gave ourselves a high five for it.

2016-12-07-three-monkeys-place-5Wild shroom $17.50
Medley mushroom, avocado, feta, roquette and pickled onion on sourdough

I really liked the this dish. The mix of mushrooms, avocado and feta salad with roquette was delicious. The sourdough was a bit too hard for my liking as not only I but my friend also struggled to cut the toast, but it tasted good once we were able to saw through it.

2016-12-07-three-monkeys-place-8Match French Toast 18.00
w/chestnut mousse, sugar mochi, azuki bean, black sesame sauce, serradura biscuit

The serradura biscuit was more like a biscuit crumb to be more precise. Having said that though, this matcha French toast was the bomb. Such a chunky thick block of matcha toast was served with a lovely array of azuki beans, some chestnut mousse to soften the bread and sugar mochi to keep the senses tingling. I really enjoyed this dish and would come back just for it.


Altogether a great little cafe that brings the trendy brunch dining scene out to the suburbs. The highlight for me would be the Matcha French toast, but another popular sweet alternative recommended by staff was the Sweet Monkey (roti pancakes, banana, mixed berries, crumble, mascarpone & maple syrup). The crispy egg and corn fritters also looked pretty good when we were making out way back towards the front to pay.

At this stage, I would say that Three Monkey’s Place has some return value for me so I’ll be sure to visit again sometime.

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